Feeding Infants

“Commercial infant formulas are highly fabricated concoctions composed of milk or soy powders produced by high-temperature processes that over denature proteins and add many carcinogens. Milk-based formulas often cause allergies while soy-based formulas contain mineral-blocking phytic acid, growth inhibitors and plant forms of estrogen compounds that can have adverse effects on the hormonal development of the infant. Soy-based formulas are also devoid of cholesterol, needed for the development of the brain and nervous system.”

“Fortunately, it is possible to compose a formula that closely resembles mother’s milk. Whenever possible this formula should be based on raw organic milk, from cows certified free of tuberculosis and brucellosis. The milk should come from cows that eat food appropriate to cows, which is green grass in the warm months and hay and root vegetables in the winter, not soy or cottonseed meal…. But the milk should be unheated. Properly produced raw milk does not pose a danger to your baby, in spite of what numerous public health propagandists may assert. Raw milk contains enzymes and antibodies that make it less susceptible to bacterial contamination than pasteurized milk, while many toxins that cause diarrhea and other ailments survive the pasteurization process.. Raw milk is easier for your baby to digest than pasteurized and less likely to cause cramps, constipation and allergies.”

Source: Nourishing Traditions Page 599

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“Infant nutrition is critical for ensuring proper development, maximizing learning capacities and preventing illness. At no other time in life is nutrition so important. But which foods are best?” Find out…

Source: http://www.westonaprice.org/foodfeatures/nourish-baby.html

Feeding Babies

“High-protein lowfat diets in children induce rapid growth along with depletion of vitamin A supplies. The results tall, myopic, lanky individuals with crowded teeth and poor bone structure. Growing children in particular actually benefit from a diet that contains at least twice as many calories as fat than as protein. Such a diet will result in steady, even growth, a sturdy physique, and high immunity from illness.”

Source: Nourishing Traditions Page 560

“A wise supplement for all babies – whether breast fed or bottle fed – is an egg yolk per day…” “Egg yolks from pasture fed hens or hens raised on flax meal, fish meal or insects are also rich in the omega-3 long chain fatty acids found in the mother’s milk but which may be lacking in cow’s milk. These fatty acids are essential for development of the brain.”

“An unfortunate practice in industrial societies is the feeding of cereal grains to infants. Babies produce only small amounts of amylase, needed for the digestion of grains, and are not fully equipped to handle cereals, especially wheat, before the age of one year. (Some experts prohibit all grains before the age of two.)”

Source: Nourishing Traditions, page 600

“Above all, do not deprive your baby of animal fats- he needs them for optimum physical growth and mental development. Mother’s milk contains over 50 percent of its calories as fat, much of it saturated fat, and children need these kinds of fats throughout their growing years.”

“It is unwise to give baby fruit juices, especially apple juice, which provide only simple carbohydrates and will often spoil an infant’s appetite for more nutritious foods.”

Source: Nourishing Traditions, page 601

More Nourishing Traditions Excerpts: Source: http://www.westonaprice.org/children/feeding.html

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