Healhty Pregnancy

Morning Sickness
“In the early months of pregnancy, as the estrogen level rises and the thyroid gland becomes hyperactive, the symptoms of ‘morning sickness’ usually occur, especially if the woman’s body is toxic.” “For the woman who suffer morning sickness, the noon meal consists of one kind of starch (brown rice, boiled potato), butter, one or two cooked vegetables (soft fresh squash and string beans), and plain lettuce, celery or cucumber. There should be no fluids, except water if desired.”
Source: Henry Bieler, Dr. Bieler’s Natural Way to Sexual Health, 1972 Beiler pg 16-17

“[M]iscarriages, are so frequently brought about by assaulting the system with toxic foods… When a woman becomes toxic, one of the avenues of vicarious elimination is through the womb. Acrid irritating material is flushed out in the menstrual blood, causing very disagreeable periods. The inflamed womb is left in the boggy condition, which makes implanting of the fertilized egg difficult, with the contents of the pregnant uterus often disgorged in one of the menstrual cycles. ”
Source: Henry Bieler, Dr. Bieler’s Natural Way to Sexual Health, 1972 Beiler pg 25-26

The Effectiveness of Midwives
Trust your instincts about who the right midwife or doctor is for you. An inner knowing exists in you as to what is really in your best health.
“Midwifery care, social and medical risk factors, and birth outcomes in the USA.
MacDorman MF, Singh GK. J Epidemiol Community Health 1998 May;52(5):310-7. The results of this study, conducted on all women who in 1991 delivered by the vaginal route a single baby at 35-43 weeks gestation, show that the risk of infant and neonatal death is 19% and 33% lower, respectively, in midwife-attended births compared to physician attended births. The likelihood of delivering a low birth-weight infant is 31% lower in midwives versus physician' assisted deliveries. These results suggest that delivery care provided by midwives may be superior to that provided by physicians.”
“Supportive nurse-midwife care is associated with a reduced incidence of Cesarean section. Butler J, Abrams B, Parker J, Roberts JM, Laros RK Jr.
Am J Obstet Gynecol 1993 May;168(5):1407-13. The results of this study show that women attended by midwives are 30% less likely to undergo Cesarean section compared to those attended by physicians. Furthermore, a diagnosis of fetal distress is made 50% less often in babies delivered by midwives, compared to those delivered by physicians.”
Source: http://garynull.com/node/12173

Reducing Stress and Practicing Self Care
Suggestions from Michelle:
Take a Prenatal yoga class and practice deep breathing or some kind of breathing meditation. Spend a lot of time in nature. Our true nature is to be peaceful. Is that peace located in the Mall, on television, in the newspaper, or will you find it next to a tree, or being in the mountains? If you are not sure about the answer, it is in nature.

Give yourself regular foot massages. When your belly is getting too big and you cannot bend over, have you husband or friend give you a foot massage. At least once a day, every day for about ten minutes.

Daily rub oil on your breasts and belly. Organic Olive oil or you can find belly oil for pregnancy from a natural food store. This is relaxing and soothing, and our bodies absorb nutrients through the skin so we are getting healthy that way.

Create a favorite spot in your house where you feel comfortable and where you can breathe and relax and not think about anything.

Be around positive people with a good attitude and nurturing spirit.

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