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“Dr. Weston Price’s studies revealed that these foods – including organ meats, fish heads, fish eggs, shell fish, insects and animal fats – were rich in fat soluble vitamins A and D as well as macro- and trace minerals. Couples planning to have children should eat liberally of organic liver and other organ meats, fish eggs and other seafood, eggs, and the best quality butter, cream and fermented milk products they can obtain for at least six months before conception.”
Source: Nourishing Traditions, page 598

Having adequate amounts of fat soluble vitamins in your diet will help prevent health problems in children including baby bottle tooth decay.

Indigenous People go to great lengths to create Healthy Babies
“Indigenous People’s from around the world carried out special programs to produce physically excellent babies. ‘Costal Residents of the Eskimos, South Sea Islands, North Australia, Gaelic and Peruvian Indians used Fish Eggs. Cattle tribes in African and in the Swiss alps, Asia and Northern India, used very high quality of dairy products. “Among the primitive Masai in certain districts of Africa, the girls were required to wait for marriage until the time of the year when the cows were on the rapidly growing young grass and to use the milk from these cows for a certain number of months before they could be married.” In several agricultural tribes in Africa, the girls were fed on special foods for six months before marriage.’“
Source: Weston Price, From Nourishing Traditions, Page 315

Key Nutrient: Activator X
“Discovered by Weston Price, this fat-soluble nutrient is a potent catalyst to mineral absorption. It is found in certain n fatty parts of animals that feed on young green growing plants or microorganisms, such as organ meats, fish and shellfish, fish eggs and butter from cows eating rapidly growing green grass of spring and fall pasturage. Largely absent today, the Price Factor was present in all traditional diets.”
Source: Nourishing Traditions page 39

Key Vitamin for Health and Body Building: Vitamin A
Weston Price discovered that healthy indigenous peoples especially valued vitamin A rich foods for growing children and pregnant mothers. Good sources are natural butter and cod liver oil. “Vitamin A is stored in the liver and other organs. Pregnancy and lactation can deplete vitamin A stores.”
Source: Sally Fallon, Nourishing Traditions, Page 560

Essentially the only way to obtain healthy wheat products (or other grains) is to buy organic whole grains and to grind the grains at home. The grains are then soaked overnight in an acidic medium. Then REMOVE THE BRAN from the grain. Recipes for cooking in this manner are available in Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon. I believe vitamins from properly prepared grains to be essential for health and happiness. Organic Wheat Germ oil is an alternative way to get some vitamin E intake. When we make wheat products at home, with the freshly ground grains, we get a natural high from eating them because they contain thyroid boosting vitamins. Foods such as blueberry pancakes and buttermilk biscuits lathered in butter.
“Soaking allows enzymes, lactobacilli and other helpful organism to break down and neutralize phytic acid.”
Source: Nourishing Traditions, Page 452

Modern Foods Lead to Decay and Disease
Healthy Pregnancy Diet Overview Guildlines

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