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In the modern world, we have become lost and disconnected. We are sort of like isolated particles floating around in a vast space, trying to bring some sort of meaning to our meaningless existence. This paper summarizes how this affliction affects child raising. Most child raising practices are not based on the Natural principles of life encoded in our DNA. This is a review and a taste of some critical child raising practices and their deep positive impact on the family. The primary focuses are special nutritional factors that support a healthy pregnancy, the avoidance of toxic substances, and ways to create a natural bond between the mother and child. These nutritional factors, and efforts to create healthy bonding with children, are rare in the Western world. A variety of complications related to Pregnancy, Conception and Birth are a result not of a genetic dysfunction, but from a build up of toxins in the body and from the previously mentioned deficiency of certain nutritional factors. Sadly, this information is largely hidden from the public and doctors largely are unaware of it, yet it’s influence on the child and parents are extremely significant. You will learn key points to how our ancestors naturally raised children, by holding them close to their skins, for their early years of life. Other conditions are discussed from a holistic perspective, they include Infertility, diet after birth, the birth process, midwifes, self care, motherhood, dietary myths, circumcision, vaccinations, morning sickness, natural cleansing, miscarriage, breastfeeding, self care, slings, schooling, fatherhood, and natural healing. See Natural Parenting

Continuum Child carrying Child Chinese Women Breastfeeding
Pigme woman Breastfeeding

African Woman Baby Sling

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African woman with babies Baby in Sling
Father and Child Smiling


Children In Arms 1

Children In Arms 2

Tragic Child Raising Practices of The West

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