Humanity is in a state of suffering...

In our sorrow and despair, we may wish for a hero or a savior.


This site is a reminder, that only through you, will that hero be born. You are the hero the world is waiting for!

Your return is an invitation for humanity to return to a state of wholeness, to return to our innocence, to return to peace, to return home.

Peace On Earth

It is time for us to create a new earth. A place without wars. A place where suffering is acknowledged and healed. We have the technology to do this now. And we need to be courageous and stand up for what is right to help make the changes happen.

Peace on earth begins when you stop fighting life and the world, and start taking steps towards developing self-awareness. Self-awareness begins when you start to journey deep within. That is where you find peace. When many of us work together to find that peace within, we eventually create that same peace in the world around us.

It is in humanities power to end a majority of suffering on this planet today. Illness, pollution, violence, and famine, are all pervasive. These problems are caused by a wrong way of living and being.

The End Of Disease

This web site focuses primarily on healing disease. Contrary to what you might have heard in the media, a majority of diseases are CURABLE. Our modern medical system frequently takes advantage of sick people who desperately need help; with obscene profit margins and outrageous costs. Many western medical treatments have not even been scientifically proven to work. Stealing money from the sick and making their health worse is a sickening practice. Meanwhile treatments that are inexpensive and natural are many times suppressed through laws and bureaucracy made illegal and thus kept hidden from the public's view.

Many of the fundamental beliefs we have learned about illness are blatantly and scientifically wrong. Most of what we call a disease are a set of symptoms classified in different ways. These symptoms, rather than being the disease, are the SYMPTOMS of the body's attempt to heal itself. What we classify as a disease, is the body's best response to a harmful and imbalanced environment.

The ultimate disharmony is our separation from our inherent Nature, our true self. Then this disharmony magnifies as we feel separated from each other and from the earth. We experience life in an alienated existence.

The cause of this is inertia.

Inertia is the freezing of Nature's divine energy currents.

This freezing process can occur within the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body, or the spiritual body.

On this site you can begin by exploring the conditions of inertia that create disease.

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This website is also a powerful healing tool. You can see how everything on this site fits together and becomes a springboard for your attempts to heal.

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You are likely suffering greatly. You feel pain and discomfort, that you can do nothing about. I pray for you. I pray for your health to return. I pray that you find the obstacles in your path towards your true self. Great spirit, great mother and father, please help this person(you) heal. Help this person (you) find the right method for help. Help them find their way back home!

When we are sick, it is a result of being human. On the human plane, we come to this earth to re-unify parts of our spirit and self that have become distorted. On earth, we can see and feel our distortions, many of them are the cause of our ills. For example: when we are unhappy perhaps we use foods or different types of drugs to medicate ourselves and in this way we temporarily dull the pain. Yet this food makes us sick. Some people even think they eat healthy and they are really making themselves sick by their diet because they are unaware of the underlying thoughts and feelings which fuel their behavior. In such a way we cannot separate our habits of living, with our internal state of presence. We are also born into a place, which reflects to us a disconnection with ourselves as a disconnection with nature. Our culture no longer utilizes many natural aspects that create health. This is particularly true with our diet.

Illness then is your great opportunity. It shows you in all ways, with immediacy that it is time for you to change.  It is a time to let go of old dead patterns, and find the "life" underneath your painful life situation. Illness is caused by our frozen energy. This frozen energy is masked by our addictive stimulation habits of foods, drugs, and certain types of recreation that help us avoid being present. We are not present with ourselves because we feel emotional pain. Illness is your opportunity for transcendence. It is an opportunity to feel your charge, your aliveness and your positive energy to do something significant in your life. That something significant is to turn your attention towards yourself, it is your opportunity to awaken. The more severe your condition, the more motivation life has given you to wake up. We are not here to suffer. We are here to overcome our suffering. I believe you can create a positive difference in your life.

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Embracing Nature's Benevolent Healing Principles

1. Law of Personal Responsibility - a disturbance is Nature's attempt to get you to take more responsibility in your life

2. Law of Balance - Disease is really Nature's attempt to maintain internal balance and harmony when disharmonious conditions exist.

3. The Vicious Circle - Until toxins in the body or toxic emotions are eliminated, Nature will continue to create situations to eliminate the toxins, usually this is what we call a disease.

4. The Law of Brotherhood - To really open your heart to another person brings spiritual help that you could not receive otherwise.



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