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It is your choice as to what feels right in terms of the schooling of your child. When I think back to what I learned at school, I cannot even remember most of what I was taught, since it was absent minded knowledge. In college I learned that most of what I was taught in high school, the parts that I did remember, were not accurate. So consider for yourself, what is the point of school?

On the mental level we need to learn, to read, to write, and learn basic math.

On the social level children need interactions with other children their age. Other than that, we do not need school.

What really happens in school, is that children our socialized into the belief systems of our culture. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s we forced Native American children to attend school. Why would we do this? We want them to be like us, we wanted them to learn our culture. This was a terrible thing to do, but it posses as an example, that the point of school is socialization, which is different from education. At school, a child is also away from the influence of his/her parents. And our socialization many times destroys our independence, our authenticity, in place of what is politically acceptable to our society at the time. We confine wild children in elementary school, and force them to sit in uncomfortable chairs. The effect of this is that the child, in dealing with the trauma of school, moves his energy out of his body towards his mind. This weakens his ability to know and feel his/her deep intuitional forces. It weakens his/her bond with the mother earth. Occasionally, after this forced confinement, children are let out, sort of like pets, to play outside for a little bit.

The school of life is how Indigenous people learned. The child, almost never was forced to act away from his desires or his/her innate nature. He/she is allowed to learn at his/her own pace, whatever, and whenever he/she wants. So naturally he/she learns what his/her parents and community know, hunting, child raising, cooking, farming, and so on without being forced. Most of the time he/she plays and learns through his/her play. Modern schools today, represent a distortion of the individuals true needs. Children need to play, and the only school that I recommend, is one that is a space for children to play. In their natural creativity, they will learn to read, and write, and find themselves naturally interested in topics. They will prepare themselves for adult hood, with our support, but with little intervention on are part. We do not have to force children to behave or learn certain things. We also break up the natural stage of development by forcing children to read at a certain age. If they want to read, let them read, if they do not, they do not make them. Normal school, IE, K-12 education seems to be the opposite of trusting life, and the opposite of love and patience and acceptance of the life force. Make space for your child to socialize, allow opportunities to be available to him/her to learn, eventually he/she will likely just copy what the parents do, so you better make sure you are a good role model.

“[The parents of the magical child] know that their child is biologically geared for learning and will do so automatically and joyfully when the content offered meshes with his/her intent and its needs. They know that the child is drien from within to learn and that attempts at the exterior motivation can induce only anxiety-conditioned reactions, not learning. They know their child is genetically programmed to be led and guided. They know that the child’s play on the surface and conceptual work beneath are moving into closer synchrony, leading towards the point when s/he will be able to play freely with an infinite potential.”

Source: Joseph Pearce, Magical Child, Page 197

“Learning to take our cues from the child and make a corresponding response means learning to heed and respond to the primary process [(your innate intelligence)] within ourselves as well…Hospitals for delivery, bottles for feeding, cribs for sleeping, playpens and strollers for isolation, day-care centers for not caring, nursery schools for not nurturing, pre-schools – all create abandonment and weaken the bond…. To nurture the magical child is a full-time responsibility.”

Source: Joseph Pearce, Magical Child, Page 224

My suggestions for education is to not make a child go to school until they have completed their bonding with their mother or parents. This happens are the age of six or seven. If you are still a fan of the normal school system, try to only bring your child into school at this later age. They also can be brought to work with adults and they will see and copy how the parents work and make money. Do not force a child to read, (it is good to read to them) and children start to develop their logical mind supposedly around age 12. So avoid all abstractions until at least that age. I personally found my logical mind to become strong and attuned around age 18-20. We are essentially wasting our time and energy to try to teach children to read, or learn math, when their brains have not yet developed this capability.

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