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Why am I doing this?
The Personal Transformation Process
My Unhealthy Patterns and Current Physical Conditions
What it take to Change


I am in my late twenties, I live Oregon. I am in a significant relationship and I am father to two girls.

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Who we are, at the deepest level is beyond the story, and beyond the simple things we label important. I prefer to try to see that in other's, and so the story is just a story, and it can take us away from this moment.

In creating this site, and sharing of myself, I want to emphasize that I am doing my best to not inflate myself, or to be more or better than anybody else. The idea is that we all have unique skills and abilities, nobody is greater than or less, we are all ultimately equal in the eye's of the divine. I have been recently learning to accept my faults more and more.

Other types of factual stuff about my background is that I have a degree in Legal Studies from UC, Santa Cruz, I grew up in the bay area in Cupertino. At UC Santa Cruz, about Seven years ago, I began my "spiritual" path through taking daily yoga classes with a great teacher there. Currently, during my free time I practice yoga, I also teach 1-2 yoga classes weekly, I enjoy cooking and eating healthy food, I like reading and writing about natural health, I like spending time in nature, meditating, and seeking avenues to be more true to myself. I have also taught surf lessons, although I do not surf to often right now.

Why Am I doing this?

I have a strong desire to help people. I feel fulfilled in the process of helping others. Over the years of trial and error, I have been able to find and experience some very useful information regarding our health. I believe I would be doing people and the world a disservice, not to take a reasonable effort to share this information, at no cost, for the benefit of humanity. I hope that I can save people some of this trial period, and to support them in their healing path. Rather than have to walk totally in the dark, of how to proceed, I like to offer people a helping hand to point them towards what is hopefully the right direction for them. The right direction seems to come from within. In which case, I want to help people find and realize more what is within themselves. Ultimately, when we are deeply connected to ourselves, the higher qualities of love, joy, freedom, peace, and bliss are what is there. I want to encourage you to find it. So creating peace on earth, will happen when enough individuals, take the active path, because we are all on a path, just some in different ways that others, towards fulfilling our life destiny towards realizing our divine spark/higher self/inner god self. As people approach this point, they will realize that within them exists peace, joy and fulfillment, the same qualities that Nature posses. Their action's then become infused with the light of pre sense and consciousness, and they affect the world positively and emanate a field of clarity and peace. This is how you can change the world, and your inner world, is the world where we have true power to change.

Outline of the Personal Transformation Process

The personal transformation process is generally described in the section of my site which few people seem to read, called personal and spiritual growth. The original name for that page is called Seek God. I changed the name because many people have a fear or misunderstanding what that means. When we examine life, we see that two things pervade the universe, and they are also the same, they are energy, and consciousness. On a molecular level, we are simply energy. Consciousness seems to be the glue and the direction for the energy to travel.

On the earth plane we find ourselves one day, adults, seemingly in some strange existence, wondering what to do with our life. We then make stuff up, and our society is filled with stuff that we are supposed to be doing, and none of the stuff is bad, but many times it can distract us from what is real. Getting a job, playing golf, making money, having a nice car, a nice home, having status in society, being famous. In our world, we get lost in the creation of things which are supposed to bring us pleasure, and ultimately they either bring us short lived pleasure, or they bring pain. The job is stressfully, the car breaks down, the house is old and too small, the relational partner leaves us and so on.

Meanwhile, as we live in the world, allowing life to move through and around us, we have the option, if we choose, to start examining what it means to be human, and what it means to live in duality. Simply defined, duality is living in a world in which we perceive life and death, and having the opposites of masculine and feminine.

Through painful traumas in our life, seemingly out of our control, part of our consciousness becomes split and separated. The once loving child becomes the cinical and unloving adult because of how he/she was treated. Meanwhile the energy form connected to this consciousness, no longer glowing, alive and vibrant, becomes dull and lacking. This dull and lacking energy eventually can lead to physical illness, I classify this disturbed energy as related to Karma. This is a good time to plug, The Undefended Self: Living the Pathwork by Susan Thesenga. The whole book is about personal and spiritual transformation. So we live, with these parts of ourselves which are unconscious, separated from the wholeness of life. These parts feel evil, gross, cruel and disgusting. There are ways and methods to revitalize these parts, and bring them back to the wholeness. This in a way, is our life's purpose.

Spiritual path's, in their heart, have the goal of realigning us with the highest good and highest vibration of life. In a practical matter it involves kicking, screaming, and lots of crying. It also involve's reconnecting to our divine self, and opening up to, and inviting in higher vibrations of consciousness. The path is not easy, but it is ultimately deeply fulfilling.

Spiritual practices like yoga, chi gong, meditation and so on work primarily on the energetic levels of the body. They help us on our path by re-energizing the dull and lost energy particles of our soul. Usually these method's on their own represent only part of a spiritual path. I believe that in ancient times, the physical exercise practices where a small part of a larger path which involved opening up to the greater good through ritual, trials, natural/herbal hallucinogens, and group gatherings to enliven and realize humanities spiritual nature.

My Personal History, the Unhealthy Part

In learning about illness, I am seeing more and more how our past actions, and present actions effect our state of health. That mysteriously things do not usually just happen to us. But that through a series of events, that we are unconscious of, we slowly manifest in reality what we call a disease.

My current symptoms I am still healing, and I hope to recover fully from soon are, poor eye site, upper back and neck pain, cold hands and feet, poor digestion, skin irritations, slight dizziness,  heartburn and fatigue.

Many of these conditions are from years of abuse I somewhat knowingly inflicted upon myself by eating a diet which was very high in white sugar, high in refined flower. I read that these foods dull our sense of pain, and they also give us a mild high or euphoric period for a short period of time. In other words, they distract us from our problems for a few moments, and we feel a certain type of calmness and peace. During the time I was eating poorly, I had developed a habit of having my energy moving slowly and heavily, sort of a depression. This was just a habit that I learned, it is not who I am. In that state, I sought foods to comfort me (I was not aware very much I was doing this for a while). I indulged in Nutty Bars, Kit Kats, Pop-Tarts, Potato Chips, Pizza, Soda, Cookies, Crackers, Breakfast Cereals, Low Quality Pasteurized milk and so on. For some people, this make's you over weight, caused by a swelling of the bodies tissues, due to the poisonous and indigestible substances. For me, it made me weak and underweight as my body continuously spit out these toxic substances. Over years and years of this neglect, I became gradually weaker and weaker. About 6 years ago, after starting a consistent yoga practice, I stopped eating those foods and was a vegetarian and a vegan for a total of about two years. Finally, during a vision quest where I fasted for three days, I kept having craving's for a turkey and avocado sandwich. That was the end of vegetarianism.

What it takes to change

To change we first need to know and acknowledge that a better life than how we live is possible. And for me, I have an unceasing desire and drive to be my real self.

Even today, I still sometimes feel and act rushed and in a hurry. In the same manner I rushed and hurried through my food choices, and rushed and hurried around learning more about nutrition. After a talk at healing school I found the book, Patient Heal Thyself by Jordan Rubin. Patient Heal Thyself: By Jordan Rubin It took me months to slow down enough to actually read the book. I purchased the sequel to the book, the Maker's Diet. in both books is Jordan's personal story. He went from near death and severe suffering, to life. I felt so inspired by his story, that I tried the dietary recommendations in the end of his book. Several months later, I found the recommendations to be incomplete and limited, I found the book Nourishing Traditions: by Sally Fallon The diet essentially the same as the one Jordan recommends, and there is additional resources of information and hundreds of amazing recipes prepared in a traditional manner. This book gave me the grounding I needed to be healthy. Every few weeks, I would gather the energy to slow down enough and to read a side bar. Slowly I could not bare to eat one more ounce of toxic food. I could not continue to feed myself incomplete and unhealthy foods. As I experimented, I aligned more and more with a healthful and natural diet. Meanwhile I also more deeply felt the harm I was causing to my body when I was not careful with my diet. And this new diet is so satisfying. One of the diet myth's that I do not mention, is that our diet has to be unsatisfying, bland and full of lettuce to be healthy. This is hardly the truth for most of us.

Changing on the spiritual path came about in a similar means of a spiral of realization. After one and a half years of a solid yoga practice, I thought that I would be reaching towards the divine, and infinite, and I thought that I would feel good. I felt not good at all. To resolve that feeling, I found a very alternative therapist who studied from the book I was reading called Light Emerging : The Journey of Personal Healing This therapist helped me get more clear and offer me possibilities to find what I was looking for, which was essentially, a way to explain and get out of the suffering I was feeling. I eventually enrolled in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Which I am now completing.

At the school we learn how to seek a greater part of ourselves, and we are introduced to the transformational process, and the process of energy healing.

Healing School Friends
School of Healing Friends 4-2006

Ultimately, we seek to understanding ourselves better to allow for the formless and the unmanifest, the infinite possibilities of the universe, to create itself through us. We are a vehicle to transmit the light of conscious to earth, to people, for ourselves. This does not come through control, but through expanding our limited identity so that our experience of life is changed for the better. Energy healing is the process of allowing this energy to transmit between individuals for the purpose of health and healing.

I am busy, there are ways to reach me for certain situations, like if your a media person. Contact me, please see my contact page.



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