The Natural Instinct Will Create Fulfillment & Give Life

That Natural Instinct seeks to fulfill itself. The reason why we are creating this is because there is a great need in the Western world to start raising children humanely. When we raised our daughter, mirroring our parenting after the style of parenting found in many indigenous cultures, we found that we had no support. People mostly, even our families, where in complete disbelief of our child raising habits. Meanwhile, we are in disbelief about how anybody can raise their child the “normal” way. We find it to be a type of unconscious way of living which denies the existence of life. The purpose of this paper is to educate you about how we raised our daughter, and to dispel the common notions of child raising, in an effort to bring a new more loving presence to the process. This not only will DRAMATICALLY change your child, it is the key to finding deep fulfillment as a parent.

These practices, are life giving. Many things written here you will probably never even hear about even from a majority of alternative minded doctors or midwifes. Yet these ideas constitute the re-emergence, for those of you who wish it, of a way of child raising that fosters a deep connection and sense of belonging. In raising children in this manner, we bring people into the world who feel connected to life. When they are connected to life, they care about nature, about other people and the planet. Conversely, in feeling disconnected with life, we can easily inflict pain or violence on others, and on our planet with little regard for life and not even be aware we are doing it. Living in a disconnected manner is an unconscious way of living because nobody is or can be separate from life, and yet many of our child raising practices are done in a manner which assumes a separated existence and a world in which life is paralleled with suffering.

Inner Wisdom and Listening to Your Instincts

What each individual needs is different. All too often we are easily influenced by what the outer world is doing. We do not listen to the quiet, delicate, and strong voice that comes from within. Everything in this booklet, is meant to be a reminder of what that voice might be telling you. Wisdom is like a babbling brook, it flows from within, and all it needs is an ear to listen to it. Take a moment now, a pause and break from your normal stream of thoughts. Feel your breath coming into and out of your nose. Inhale… Exhale… As you take deep breaths, you not only expel toxins that are from the cellular metabolic process, you may also notice a deep sense of peace, tranquility and inner knowing.


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