Avoid Birth Control


The Danger of Birth Control Pills
”In The Breast Cancer Prevention Program, Sam Epstein, MD, writes, ‘more than 20 well-controlled studies have demonstrated the clear risk of premenopausal breast cancer with the use of oral contraceptives. These estimates indicate that a young woman who uses oral contraceptives has up to ten times the risk for developing breast cancer as does a non-user, particularly if she uses the Pill during her teens or early twenties; if she uses the Pill for two years or more; if she uses the Pill before her first full-term pregnancy; if she has a family history of breast cancer.’”
Source: http://www.westonaprice.org/women/reprod-health.html, Katie Singer
Also Online: Scientific Studies linking Oral Contraceptive Use to Significantly higher Mortality, http://garynull.com/node/12172

Fertility, Infertility and the Natural Birth Control Pill Alternative
“Fertility Awareness (FA), a natural method for preventing or achieving pregnancy based on a woman's daily charting of her waking temperature, cervical fluid and cervix changes. According to numerous studies, the method is virtually as effective as the contraceptive pill in preventing pregnancy, if its rules are [strictly] followed.”

Fertility is also likely related to a Woman’s diet. Geraldine Matus, a Canadian midwife states : “I rarely see women with normal charts. I think this reflects the use of hormonal birth control—by today's women and their mothers… And the typical North American diet (which includes hormonally treated animal products, fast foods, and a deficit of fresh, non-processed foods) also interferes with the normal functioning of male and female reproductive systems."
Source: http://www.westonaprice.org/women/fertility.html Katie Singer

If a Woman is infertile and cannot conceive, one place to begin looking for a solution is towards her diet. A deficiency in nutrients, or an excessive accumulation of toxins in the body can create infertility.

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