The Father's Role from Pre-Pregnancy to Child Raising

The father’s role can be summarized as, be present for the mother and child and himself. So many father’s abandon their children and spouses. They either leave the mother or leave the child in the real world, or they emotionally leave the child by withdrawing through work, or television.

In a practical sense, the father can spend time holding the child, and playing with the child. The father can make sure the mother is supported and feels safe. The father can make sure the Mother has enough personal space, has her personal needs met, and so she can take care of their child. If the Mother does not have a strong support from other family members, than the father then fulfills the roles of these other members. Every time I had a difficulty, I thought to myself, that the little efforts I put forward now, when my daughter was young makes a big difference. So I make every effort to be present, patient, loving, and also share my strong opinions about how I would like our child to be cared for.

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