Childhood Diseases and a Theory of Illness - Why Children Get Sick

Disease is a result from human’s divergence from the life current. Or put in perspective of this booklet, disease is created from acting in a manner that is disconnected with our own instincts.

“Sometimes diseases happen to our children it is totally out of our control. In this case, we can only help reduce their pain. Otherwise, in knowing the true causes of disease, we can remove our fear of illness of our child. “One who had childhood disease could be without them, and have no fear of sickness if he had, in the beginning, a good strong body. Disease germs are scavengers and ca live only on weak ‘wasting-away’ cells, mucus, and toxic conditions. Never can germs exist in a healthy and clean cell structure.”

Source: Dr. John Christopher, Herbal Home Health Care, Page 1

When someone is sick, it is not necessarily true to say that a virus or some germ or bacteria has entered into their body and made them sick. Rather, through a collection of negative habits, the persons energy level becomes decreased and with that decreased energy toxins build up within their body. Toxins result from a polluted environment, polluted foods and drinks, and also from an accumulation of toxins that are apart of the living waste products of each cell in your body. A disease is then Nature’s emergency house cleaning attempt, when the normal methods have failed.

“So-called disease is nature’s effort at eliminating the toxin from the blood. All so-called diseases are crises of Toxemia.”

Source: J. H. TILDEN, Toxemia Explained, Page 13

Hippocrates: “disease was the result of some mismanagement of the environment.” pg. 39

Rudolf Virchow: “the health of the body cells depended on their chemical make-up, and this chemical make-up in turn, depended on the kind of food eaten by the individual.” pg. 40

Henry Bieler: “I came to the conclusion that germs do not initiate a diseased state of the body, but appear later after the person becomes ill.” pg. 39 “The true cure comes from within. Nature effects it; the physician is only a collaborator with nature, guiding his patient through the sometimes mystifying steps necessary to the handling of his specific problem.” pg 81
Source: Food is Your Best Medicine, Henry Bieler, 39, 40, 39, 81

The Bodies Lines of Defense:

“In the normally functioning body, the wastes resulting from the digestive process are eliminated by organs specifically designed by nature. These organs of elimination are the liver, the kidneys and the skin.”

“The most important organ of elimination is the liver… As long as the sodium reserves in the liver are available, the liver can perform its function as a bloodstrainer. Completely strained blood resulting from a balanced clean food diet is nontoxic and normal. When the body circulates clean blood, it is impossible for disease, as we define it, to develop.”

Source: Dr. Bieler’s Natural Way to Sexual Health, 1972 Beiler pg 61

“When a break in the process does occur, it is usually the result of an impairment to the liver cells caused by heavy or prolonged use of refined sugar and starch. As a consequence of this break in the chain, the normal eliminative process is most likely to be side-stepped and the toxic compounds may then circulate directly into the general blood flow.”

“For example, if the [adrenal glands] divert the vicarious elimination through the lungs, the result might be anything from mild bronchitis to lethal pneumonia. If the vicarious elimination takes place via the skin under control of the thyroid, a multitude of ‘skin diseases’ could occur.”

Source: Dr. Bieler’s Natural Way to Sexual Health, 1972 Beiler pg 64

Children and Disease

Naturally treating, Measles, Tonsillitis, Polio, Rheumatism, Chicken Pox

ReSource: Henry Bieler, Food is Your Best Medicine, Chapter 9

Naturally Treating Many other Conditions, Too many to mention, Consult,

ReSource: Dr. John Christopher, Herbal Home Health Care

Cold’s – “Sir William Osler.. always followed a simple and effective prescription for the illness: bed rest, a good book to read, no food. The aphorism of Hippocrates - If you feed a cold, you will have to starve a fever’”

Source: Food is Your Best Medicine, Page 169

The idea being that the best way to heal from illness, is to strengthen your bodies defensive mechanisms. One of the best ways to do this is by not eating, since eating puts a strain on the bodies defensive organs, such as the liver. That is why many times sick people, do not feel hungry. This is especially true for cold’s and flu’s.

Food is Your Best Medicine, pg 39, 40, pg 81


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