The Cause of Disease, and How you can Begin to Heal Inertia


This is a time of great suffering on the earth. In the news we see War, Poverty, Violence, and destruction of our environment. The cause and cure of this suffering lies within you. Individually many of us are suffering from painful trapped emotions and painful physical conditions called disease. We also suffer from the fear of a future life filled with seemingly inevitable diseases and inevitable debilitation as we age. The planet equally suffers as we slowly destroy her by our imbalanced modern western lifestyle. In times of deep suffering brought about my seemingly incurable illnesses or painful life events, one may being to wonder and pray if there is really any salvation. One may long for a savior, a hero to come to the rescue. Yet most of the time no savior comes. The purpose of my paper is to assure you, that not only is there hope, that there is a possibility for a complete cure of most of all of these conditions. I want to remind you that no savior will come for you or for our world. The reason is, because you are the savior. Only within you lies the real power to change and to heal and redeem yourself from suffering. Please, take this as an invitation to your indwelling divinity, to your inner authority or guru, to your higher self… to return.

I began to research health on the internet because of my young daughter's tooth decay. I my reserach continued, I discovered that almost everything we believe about disease is not only wrong, but many western treatments meant to cure our condition’s, in reality, worsen our conditions. That our modern medical system, many times not only perpetuates illness, but it is a cause of enormous suffering and death.

Definition of a Disease

Disease, is an indication of our divergence from Nature’s fundamental laws of life. Nature has, for thousands of years taught our ancestors how to have a long, healthy and a relatively disease free existence. Modern humans have become lost and disconnected from Nature’s laws and that is why we are sick. Nature’s laws make us grow, some circulate our blood, some give our cells life. Nature’s force permeates the universe.Redwood Tree Healing Intertia

Many of our beliefs about diseases are learned from our culture. In elementary school we read science books, and receive lectures from teachers, as adults we consult with doctors, watch movies, listen to the news and read the newspaper. Have you considered, where these sources get there information? Currently most of the information is politically correct information, in other words, information that society as a whole believes to be true, regardless of if it is true or not.

Disease does not really exist, what exists is a set of symptoms residing in the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies. A disease is a labeling of these symptoms which has accumulated over time in the cultural mind that most of us believe is true. When someone is constantly overly tired, we can say they have a disease of chronic fatigue. If they are emotionally stuck, they have the disease of depression. High blood pressure caused by weakened kidney's, caused by a poor lifestyle is called hypertension, and so on. A disease is therefore how society mentally labels certain symptoms which eventually effect our body. As I will describe in detail later, the symptoms are just what they are, symptoms. The symptoms are usually nature's attempt to bring the body into a form of stasis and health. For example, a cold is an attempt to remove a toxin from the body.

What we call and illness is the bodies reaction to a set of circumstances in life. We have been misinformed to believe that a disease is a collection of symptoms. Rather the true disease is the substance and energy which creates the imbalance in the body, which the body then tries to correct. The correcting mechanism of the imbalance is a symptom. Such as fatigue, weight gain, stress, mucous, pain, ect. The substance and energy which creates disease is not just a because of an internal imbalance within the body. It is a distorted current of energies that are not just inside the person. It is also caused by how individual relates to people, society, nature, and spirituality. In otherwords people are not just isolated fragments floating about it space, a person is a part of the larger earth ecosystem, which is apart of the universal ecosystem. A disease manifested in the individual is related to how that person functions within the earth ecosystem.

There is only one disease, a disconnection from the life current. Inertia creates the disconnection from life, which can result in a diseased state which the body created to restore health. “Inertia on the energy level, is the freezing of the flow of divine energy. In inertia the radiant matter of divine influx thickens, hardens, blocks, and deadens”1

Inertia can be viewed from three angles, which are complimentary and not exclusive of each other. These are; Deficiency, Toxemia, and Karma. Deficiency is the lack of absorbable nutrients both chemical and spiritual for the body. It is a form of inertia in that an individual is unable to either reach out into the world to absorb his nutrients, or his bodily structure is too stagnated to absorb nutrients. It is an energy imbalance towards having enough of our needs met. Toxemia is the result of disrupted energy which inhibits the body from eliminating toxins, when these toxins build up in the blood stream, they create a toxic overload in the body; toxemia. Toxemia is inertia in the sense that it is stuck accumulated toxic waste which lies both in the physical body, and also could reside in the emotional, mental, and spitirtual bodies. Karma is the result of all causes and effects of our actions and feelings from this lifetime and previous lifetimes. Karma could be a frozen emotion, or a disconnection from the self. Karma can be accumulated from this lifetime, or from other lifetimes. Karma is inertia in the sense that it is either directly caused by frozen energy, or it was previously caused by frozen energy, which a person now must deal with. Inertia is an aspect of the physical world of duality. Inertia is the force that blocks us from realigning our individual energy currents with the earth/nature energy current which is aligned with health. If one had no inertia, one would not likely be incarnated on this world because your energy would likely be unrestricted, and therefore you would not be sick. A disease is nature trying to cope with the inertia. The inertia is a conglomeration of the three aspects of karma, deficiency, and toxemia.

Disease does not simply happen to us, it is a reaction to the manifestation in physical reality of the distortion of our creative life current. Inertia begins at the soul level. The Pathwork considers inertia, frozen divine energy, to be the source of great evil. “Stagnation and inertia are indeed the greatest evil. They are of matter, resisting the enlivening power of the spirit, of the Eternal, which desires to penetrate the void that is totally stagnant and inert.”2 In this lecture the guide talks about fighting the forces of evil, rather than acting ambivalent towards them. In the same way we must fight against the inertia causing our illness. “ Only then will you feel free from guilt and become truly receptive to what the universe wants to give to you. The grace of God is everywhere around and within you. It is always there; you are bathed in it.” 3 If we are truly willing to accept, fight, discover and overcome our aspects of inertia, we will be free to experience the grace of god, in other words, we will be healed.

Begining the Healing Process

The healing process begins when we tackle one of the three aspects of inertia.

Healing Karma - We can begin to heal the aspect of Karma through recieving Reiki or energy healings, by seeing a therapist, or by participating in an alternative healing modalities that awaken dorment or hidden aspects of our psyche. We need a space of love and openess to heal our wounds.

Healing Deficiency - We can heal deficiency through improvments in our diet. This includes eating large amount of fermented foods which contain benificial probiotics, this might include eating organ meets and other animal products from free ranging animals, and eating other nutrient dense foods.

Healing Toxemia - We can start healing toxemia by changing our environment conditions. We can improve our diet an eliminate toxic foods or medications. We can cleanse our emotions and exercise more to replenish the body. We can spend more time in nature and less time inside or watching TV. We can also cleanse the body using herbs, fasting, enemas and other cleansing techniques to eliminate toxic overload. Deep breathing also helps cleanse toxins from the body.

The Basics, The Universe is Holographic

The universe is holographic, meaning that each part of the hologram also contains the whole. A The reason why most people are confused about disease is because they are unaware of the underlying laws which create the conditions. The pathwork guide lectures channeled by Eva Pierrakos give an excellent explanation of many of these laws as applied to a psychological and spiritual perspective. The laws are very powerful and have affected deep change for many people. These same laws when applied to health and healing in the physical body shed the light on what has remained in darkness, the cause of disease.

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