Being a Mother, Should I go to work or school while being a Mother?

The child’s innate expectation is to be with or near by his mother.

From Michelle:

Women probably get stressed out because they think they need to go back to work. When you are pregnant and thinking about leaving your child, then you are all ready beginning to abandon them. Part of being a mother is that you cannot get that gratifying feeling that is genetically encoded in your DNA, unless you are with your child being a mother. If my child was in a day care, I would not feel fulfilled as a mother. We have the longing to feel connected with our children as Mothers. We need to be with our children. There is no rush for them to grow up, there is plenty of time.

In Indigenous cultures, whether the mother has work requirements or not, she is always around her baby. Sometimes children or other adults are holding the baby, but when the baby is hungry, or scared, the mother is their to comfort him/her. There is no reason at all that if a mother feels like she needs to go to work or school, that a schedule can be set up so that she can go to work, not work excessive hours, and have her child with her at work or school. If a baby is raised like that, what do you think his/her favorite activity in life will be? Going to work. Because that is when he/she was fulfilled and happy with his mother, he will remember it and that will be his experience of life. As an adult he will likely experience fulfillment and contentment, even when working.

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