Bieler's Broth

The Original Healing Soups

1st soup by Dr. Henry Bieler
2nd soup by Hippocrates

Original Bieler Recipe

  • 1 pound of string beans
  • 2 pounds zucchini
  • a hand full of curly parsley
  • enough water to cover your veggies

Into rapidly boiling water add above and boil for 10-15 min until fork goes thru outside of zucchini, puree using the water you cooked it in and make it the consistency you desire.

Uses: The original recipe was developed by Maverick Physician Henry Bieler to heal a variety of illnesses's. Many times the soup was used as a fast.

Explanation: Dr. Bieler would take a detailed study of the patients endocrine glands. This includes the adrenal glands, pituitary gland and the thyroid gland. Dr. Bieler would then prescribed a dietary cure. The cure depended up the the glands which where dysfunctional. The cure would be a limited diet, or even a fast on Bieler's broth. The vegetables are like nature's vitamins, and restore such elements as potassium, and sodium to our glands. Dr. Bieler was particularly interested in restoring the liver as a way to health.

Modifications to the Recipe

These are some possibilities of how to modify the Bieler's soup. This can be if you are not treating intensely a specific health condition. Create your own variety of healing vegetable soup based on your own personal needs and desires.

  • Add Carrots
  • Add several stocks of Celery
  • Add Kale or potatoes
  • Add raw butter or cream to the soup after cooking
  • Add miso when the soup is warm
  • Omit Parsley for breastfeeding women

Hippocrates Soup

These are derived from Max Gerson. They are based on a recipe from Hippocrates. I would be really interested in his original soup recipe. This is soup used to cleanse, heal and nourish the body. I found a few recipes, so you will need to pick choose and modify for yourself.

Hippocrates Soup

For one person, use a 2-quart pot and the following vegetables, then cover with water:

1 medium celery knob (If not in season, use 3-4
stalks of branch celery; pascal celery is preferable.)
1 medium parsley root
2 small leeks (substitute 2 small onions)
2 medium onions
Little parsley
1½ lbs. tomatoes or more
1 lb. potatoes

Do not peel any of these vegetables, but wash and scrub them well, cut them coarsely, cook slowly for 3 hours, then put through a food mill in small portions; scarcely any fibers should be left. Vary the amount of water used for cooking according to taste and desired consistency. Garlic may be used at liberty or cooking or squeezed fresh into hot soup. Let the soup cool before storing. Keep it well covered in the refrigerator for no longer than 2 days. Warm up as much as needed each time.

This is from Gerson Therapy by Vance Ferrell (PDF)

Another Recipe for Hippocrates Soup Is Here



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