Why We are Sick, Misleading Disease Beliefs, and
An Alternative to the Western Tradition

The underlying mythology of disease in our modern culture is based on a lack of personal responsibility. Since lack of pesonal responsibility is contradiction to nature's laws, the system based on this model must be false. Our current mythology about disease adds to the suffering of those who are sick because they are not empowered to heal themselves. Because this belief is rooted in childlike thinking, it also misguides the healer and the patient and generally leads them away from finding a solution since no solution can be found from an illness whose caused is based on made up concepts which are not scientifically founded. There is another alternative mythology towards life as described by the Pathwork and other spiritual traditions, a mythology which empowers you too seek the cure from within and take personal responsibility for your illness. Also note personal responsibility does not mean not to get help. Only that the help you get for your illness, will guide you to taking more care of yourself, and show you how to correct imbalances in your life. It won't magically take away the bodies responce to the imbalanced life situation.

The Current, Misleading Paradigm for Illness

The disease tradition of the western world came from the idea that illness is a result of some negative force, like an evil demon, infecting the soul of the victim who is suffering. Many times in this sort of thinking there is an underlying belief that the human body is sinful, disgusting, bad, or wrong, and so we are punished for simply being alive. This is a result of learned misconceptions about life. “ Your wrong conclusions, misconceptions, distortions, create an inner world of illusion. They create fears and tensions. This is bound to weaken you first in your emotions, then, when a wrong condition persists long and strong enough, eventually also in your body. Inner errors cause you to fear life, therefore, often unconsciously, to wish for death in various degrees.” 1 When in ones subconscious, one wishes for death, then one is likely to seek treatment from a system which will confirm this belief, so as to aid in the persons subconscious wish for death. For example: a person with a heart condition might seek a doctor who recommends a treatment which could have serious side effects or cause death. Thereby helping the patient succeed in realizing their subconscious death wish. These “world’s of illusion,” rather than being rare, or something of the background, predominate our medical systems. Many doctor’s, being largely unconscious of their hidden parts subscribe to a health care system that may be supporting the secret death wishes of their patients. The patients, lost in their inner worlds of illusion, cannot see the connections between the causes of their suffering, and their own inertia. Later on I will carefully explain how a large part of western culture actually contributes to the untimely death of people. This is not to say that western medicine is all bad, or that someone shouldn’t seek treatment. Perhaps this is why, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association that doctor’s are the third leading cause of death in the United States, causing 250,000 deaths every year. 2 A more recent survey done by Gary Null about Western Medicine, Gary states, "With more than 5000 physicians questioned, it is apparent to this author that the vast majority of medical procedures are done with the belief that they are safe and effective, rather than with proof that they are. Even after procedures and medications have been shown (a) not only not to work, but (b) to cause injury and death at a statistically significant level, they continue to gain in popularity and use. This is one of the reasons we have not had greater gains in combating the major diseases in recent decades." Sadly, a study of medical peer-review journals, and government health statistics shows that American medicine is now the leading cause of death and possibly injury in the US. with a conservative, fact verified estimate of 783,936 deaths caused yearly. Learn more about Death caused by Medicine

The belief that illness comes from outside of us supports the idea that the individual is not responsible for his or her fate. Along comes Louis Pasteur, in the late 1870’s and 1880’s, he pioneered the germ theory of disease. The people could now rejoice as they finally have found scientific evidence of this outside evil force that causes disease, it is the called a germ. Since that time modern science has devoted its efforts to killing and stopping the evil germs which inhabit innocent “germ victims” (sick people). Disease is looked at as an entity which attack’s people, and to cure the disease, the entity must be removed. The ability to remove these disease creating germs or conditions, the root of all our ills, lies well beyond the scope of a normal person’s skill, and science or a doctor must then be relied upon for the solution. This seems to be a very scary, and unstable viewpoint of life, since it put’s the victim of the disease in a very week position, and it puts the hopes of a cure on either a future scientific discovery, or on a doctor. Many people are deeply fearful and almost paranoid about catching a disease.

Be Empowered with An alternative to the Western Belief of Disease

On the other side of this dilemma, there where many groups of primitive people’s who looked at disease from a more holistic perspective. Medicine men of these people employed the use of hallucinogens, herbs and special foods to find the cause of the disharmony within the person, and eliminate it. Thus brining a person back to a state of health and balance. The father of western medicine Hippocrates also believed as many primitive cultures did, that “disease was the result of some mismanagement of the environment.” 3 Later on we find the work of Rudolf Virchow who lived around the late 1700's. He believed that, “the health of the body cells depended on their chemical make-up, and this chemical make-up in turn, depended on the kind of food eaten by the individual.” 4 Henry Bieler the maverick physician of the 1960’s remarks, “I came to the conclusion that germs do not initiate a diseased state of the body, but appear later after the person becomes ill.” 5 Essentially, germs, exist in all of us, good ones and bad ones, and when someone becomes sick, their bodies can become a breeding ground for the bad germs, which are a symptom of, the original illness. Believing that food, or mismanagement of the environment are causes of disease puts the responsibility for healing squarely on the individual who is sick. Thus, the enlightened doctor, or medicine man generally does not cure the patient, but guides the patient towards his cure. “The true cure comes from within. Nature effects it; the physician is only a collaborator with nature, guiding his patient through the sometimes mystifying steps necessary to the handling of his specific problem.” 6 The biggest problem for a sick person then becomes, finding such a doctor or healer who is qualified to treat illness in such a manner.

The Illness and Spirituality and Ultimately inseperable as they are caused at the minutest level's of reality.

At the minutest level, we cannot seperate, the physical causes disease or the emotional/karmic causes of disease. On these deep level, there is consciousness, and there are nutrients, and toxins. Within the body the winds of consciousness permeate. “Consciousness resides in every cell, in every molecule, in every atom, in every tiny fraction of living matter.” A Thus, examining ones spiritual self, ones consciousness, involves also examining the laws which the cell’s and body must abide by. The cell is in fact so holy, that it is immortal. Alexis Carrel was a French surgeon who won the nobel prize in 1912. Inside of CellHe placed a microslice of the heart of a chicken embryo on a microscope slide. The tissue was rinsed daily in a solution which contained the necessary nutrients and helped remove the wastes. Every day, the solution was changed, and the cells lived for twenty-nine years. They only died when a laboratory assistant neglected to rinse the cells with the nutrient bath. Of this Dr. Carrell concluded, “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid… and…the pulsation of life may go on forever.” B This truth is echoed in every anatomy textbook, “if the concentration (of fluid outside the cell) changes, so as to contain too much or too little of these substances(nutrients), the cells will become sick and act abnormally and eventually begin to die.” C Here-in lies the cause of disease, the imbalance of the cellular fluid either caused by too much toxins, lack of essential nutrients, and or a distortion of consciousness.

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The simple summary of what makes us sick is this:

Think of a peace of steak, or an apple. When you leave it outside, in warm weather, what happens? It rots, it decays, bugs come and eat it. Constantly our bodies function at around 98.7 degree's. That mean's constantly our flesh is decaying. When this process of decay begins to happen faster than the process of revitalization, then we get pockets of decay happening in our body. These pockets lack oxygen, and are acidic and are formed in the weakest parts of our system. Eventually, through several stages, these parts of our body ferment more and more, eventually we call this process, a disease. We can also take steps to reverse this process, some of these steps are outlined in my healing summary.

Antione Bechamp, Microzymas, and More

Antione Bechamps was a french scientist who lived in the 1800's. Pasteur copied and altered many of Bechamps scientifically minded theories. Bechamps theories discuss the indestructible organisms that live in our body called Microzymas. These tiny particles which continue to live after the death of the organism and out of which microorganisms can develop.

"all natural organic matters (matters that once lived), absolutely protected from atmospheric germs, invariably and spontaneously alter and ferment, because they necessarily and inherently contain within themselves the agents of their spontaneous alteration, digestion, dissolution".

NanobesWhenever there is anything in nature that is dying, beginning to decay, something comes and eats it up. In this case the Protits do, as they change into the microbes that come out of the tissue cells to clean up any toxins or decaying stuff found in the body. That is what microbes, germs, are for. They are the result, not the cause of disease!

To Read more see Antione Bechamps book which is online, or read The New Biology online for free by Dennis L. Myers. Dr. Myers summarizes the modern research and an overview more specifically of how the disease process is initiated in the body, here is the summary. Another great online book describing the disease process and our blood is How We Rust and Rot.

"These 'infections' (they are not infections as they are not caught) are cause by microorganisms that set up their housekeeping in the compartments of the body that are the most acid, the most oxidized and the most polluted with toxic metals and other pollutants and wastes. These microorganisms clean these compartments of the acid, oxidized and polluted wastes. These microorganisms are not the cause of disease, they are simply there because of the acids, oxidation and pollution.

All of this is rotting pure and simple, from the inside out. Again, you do not 'catch' these germs from the outside so they are not infections. These germs come from inside the cells themselves actually.

These acid, oxidized and polluted compartments of the body have a reduced blood supply so these compartments are fortresses in the body where the body's own immune cells are also incapacitated. Because of this lack of oxygen anaerobic (microorganisms that grow without oxygen) bacteria , viruses and fungi multiply and thrive in an undisturbed way.

These microorganisms 'change form', changing from viral forms into bacterial forms and finally into fungal forms depending on how acid, oxidized and polluted these compartments are. This is what pleomorphism is all about. Pleo- means many and -morph means forms. The same microorganism or germ can assume many forms; viral, bacterial or fungal."
Copied from Euro-American Health

A Review of Disease, Is disease created from within us, or does it just happen to us?



1. Disease arises from micro-organisms outside the body. Disease arises from micro-organisms within the cells of the body.
2. Micro-organisms are generally to be guarded against. These intracellular micro-organisms normally function to build and assist in the metabolic processes of the body.
3. The function of micro-organisms is constant. The function of these organisms changes to assist in the catabolic (disintegration) processes of the host organism when that organism dies or is injured, which may be chemical as well as mechanical.
4. The shapes and colours of micro-organisms are constant Micro-organisms change their shapes and colours to reflect the medium
5. Every disease is associated with a particular micro-organism Every disease is associated with a particular condition.
6. Micro-organisms are primary causal agents. Micro-organisms become "pathogenic" as the health of the host organism deteriorates. Hence, the condition of the host organism is the primary causal agent.
7. Disease can "strike" anybody. Disease is built by unhealthy conditions.
8. To prevent disease we have to "build defences". To prevent disease we have to create health.




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