Toxemia Explained

The online book to one which explains the "True Interpretation of the Cause of Disease. Published in 1926. By J. H. TILDEN, M. D.

Natural Healing, Diagnosis and Treatment

A great online book dealing with natural remedies. Conditions such as low back pain, eye problems, ear problems can be treated naturally without surgery.

Video about Curing Cancer and HIV at Home

You can support the body healing naturally with electricity. Does it result in a permanent cure? I do not know? It seems promising.

Birth Without Violence

The revolutionary book that helped improve birth in the west. Dr. Frederick Leboyer points out the trauma that regularly happens as humans enter the world. The tiny creature, new to life, is born to loud sounds, blinding lights, placed on cold metal objects, and even poked and prodded.

Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management

Dr. Bernard Jensen has been a pioneer in the health field for more than 60 years. As America's leading holistic nutritionist, and pioneer of Iridology, he has worked with over 350,000 patients around the world. He believed that nutrition is the greatest single therapy to be applied in the holistic healing arts and that we must treat the whole patient, not just the disease.


Our Toxic World
Who is looking after Our Children

A full online book written by Dr. Harold Buttram, and Richard Piccola. It talk about foods additives, water pollution, heavy metals, fluoride, vaccinations, allergies and more. A highly recommended read for parents of young children.

Gary Null's Natural Living Online Audio Books

There is a great collection of free online audio books with a special emphasis of scientifically analyzing the pervasive problems of our Western Medical Establishment. Topics include vaccinations, death from modern medicine, menopause, self empowerment, toxic teeth, dangers of dairy and more...

Natural Parenting

My own electronic book on how to raise children naturally. This includes a special reference to nutrition prior to conception, and child raising practices learned from Indigenous people's who largely live in contact and alignment with Nature's Laws.

Royal Lee's Articles

Royal Lee created the company known as Standard Process. He ran advertisements in the 1950's explaining how America was being poisoned by processed foods devoid of nutrients. On this page you'll also find Dr. Lee's article on the Origin of Disease. It's very similar to what I've written hear, except only focusing on diet.

Antoine Bechamp

"Blood and it's third Anatomical Element." It's a bit hard to read but it describes Bechamp's theory of illness, and that stages of fermentation the body goes through which we label as a disease. Bechamp found that germs come in to clean up the decaying tissues in the body, so they are not likely the cause of illness, but a result of it.

Bhagavan Sai Baba

A holy man who's message to our planet is Love. See online video documentaries about him.

How Healing Becomes a Crime

Online Documentary of Harris Hoxney's Cancer clinics, that where healing people being closed down. Hoxney offered his treamtments for free to those who could not afford it. Alternate Source Healing Becomes a Crime 1, Part 2, Part 3

How We Rust and Rot

At the physical level, disease and aging of the body is all about rotting and rusting. The rot is an underlying  biological mechanism inherent in all earthly species and the rust is an oxidative process. Here we present some core education with out-takes from our pre-training workshop.

The History of Crime Against the Pure Food Law
Chapter 1 ,2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Dr. Harvey Wiley, was commissioner of the FDA then called the Bureau of Chemistry from 1906-1912. He resigned in disgust. He knew the values of whole foods, he helped enforce the 1906 Food and Drugs Act, designed to keep bleached flour and chemicals out of our food chain. He knew that drugs and foods, in there whole form, would prevent degenerative diseases and improve people's health. Unfortunately, this law has been greatly distorted to the detriment of everyone.The suffering modern food has extolled on people is a crime.


Story of a man searching for the truth and searching for the cure for his Arthritis.

How whole foods became replaced by synthetic substances, and the health consequences

In the 1950's a war was waged in the food industry between between those who are trying to promote better nutrition, and the food manufacturers who insist on making products “worse so that they can be sold for less,"

The Famishing World

A book that was suppressed from the public because it talked about what modern food manufacturer's do to our food.

The Saccharine Disease

A Book about the Conditions caused by the Taking of Refined Carbohydrates, such as Sugar and White Flour.

Revisit 9/11

The story you have been told about September 11th is a hoax. The hoax covers up one the painful truth one of the greatest crimes and tradegies in the United States.










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