KARMA, TOXEMIA and DEFICIENCY - Learn in detail about the three main causes of imbalance in the body

Karma - Learning to take responsibility for our life

In order to heal, you need to take personal responsibility for your illness. While it is a good idea to seek help, ultimately the conditions of inertia where caused by you, and therefore, only you can undue them. “The law of personal responsibility is the guiding principle in the search for the root of your obstructions… It enables you to resolve whatever problem you may have. It opens up life with all its rich possibilities. It forces you to see things in their true light and, uncomfortable as this may first seem, it leaves you with a lot more self-respect, integrity, and hope than the helpless resignation to circumstances life is supposed to bring about without your doing. It makes defeat unnecessary because it also removes, among other things, your childish illusion of omnipotence, which is just as unrealistic as the illusion of being life's passive victim.” 1

Our western health care system feeds off the concept of the individual not taking responsibility of their illness. All too often the doctor is supposed to take the problem away. Unfortunately, the way this has evolved is that the only way to fix the problems without abiding by the law of personal responsibility is usually drugs or surgery which represent almost an entirely passive form of treatment. Furthermore large corporations, through influencing scientific funding, the news media and funding medical schools have slowly encouraged “science” which enforces the belief that we are not responsible for our disease. Such illusions are that illness is many times genetic and inherited, drugs are the only cure for disease, and the belief that disease cannot be cured, the idea that disease is caused by germs, and the belief that food and toxic elements do not make people sick. Later I’ll present evidence that disease is mainly caused by our modern western diet. Yet almost all of us choose a form of willful ignorance, which is to ignore the effects of a modern diet on the body. Yin and Yang

Your return not only means being responsible for your diet, and for your healing, as well as being responsible for the growth of your spirit. This happens by looking for the underlying currents and beliefs which distort your perceptions of reality.

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Deficiency of Nutrients Causes Cellular Imbalances

The human body including the cellular fluid is composed of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, iodine, iron and many more nutrients. 1 These nutrients represent our bodies electrical energy source. When a person is depleted of electrical energy, his body does not have the strength to throw off toxic accumulations from cellular metabolism or from improper dietary habits.

Sir Arbuthnot Lane was a famous English surgeon, he said. “All maladies are due to the lack of certain food principles, such as mineral salts or vitamins, or to the absence of the normal defenses of the body, such as the natural protective flora.” 2 Our bodies cannot heal or continue their existence when they lack magnesium, or copper, or potassium, or essential vitamins. Yet many of us live under the illusion that our bodies will survive, and thrive under deficient conditions. And we continue to view our diet and lifestyle as if they where of limited importance, rather than seeing that the nutrients ingested, like consciousness, are the fabric of the building blocks of our life. “We need the earth minerals such as, magnesium to activate more than 300 different enzymes that conduct the metabolic processes of life. Magnesium is also required for each of our trillions of cells to construct microtubules, the tiny passageways that distribute nutrients within the cell…. Without an adequate supply of these essential nutrients, our very humanity disintegrates.” 3 When we do not breathe or exercise enough, are body becomes depleted. Without sufficient nutrients, our bodies cannot create microtubules. Without these microtubules, and other fine nervous passage ways, our bodies will be closed down to receiving energy from the universe. Organic Fruits and Veggies

Even if we ingest enough food nutrients, we can still be deficient. This has to do with the bodies ability to absorb food. Lack of food absorption can be caused by not chewing food enough, or through the accumulation of toxins lodged in crevices within the body. As I will describe later, most people’s diet are chiefly composed of toxic elements. The result of our toxic build up and improper food intake is that many of us exist in a state where we only absorb 10-20% of the nutrients from the food which we eat. Further aggravating the absorption problem is that most of the foods we eat are low nutrient foods. “[F]or instead of assimilating all the good that is needed from the ingested food, the average person utilizes only about 10% of its real value, and the rest is wasted on down the eliminative drain.” 4

Deficiency of nutrients is also a significant factor in mental illness. “Doctors report that mental health problems including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, anti-social and learning disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders often have a common cause: insufficient nutrients in the brain.” 5 According to the USDA 1995 survey, the average adult over age 20 is between 20-70% below the recommended daily allowance for food nutrients of such vitamins as A, E, calcium and magnesium. The percentages below the RDA very from vitamin to vitamin. Bare in mind, the RDA represents the minimal needed for survival, and a majority of our population is far below the minimal. Later we’ll examine evidence which shows that a healthy human needs between four and ten times the levels of vitamins and nutrients than is recommended by the RDA. Based on this information, and based on the fact that most of us only absorb about 10% of our nutrients a generous estimate would be that between 1-3% of the US population gets enough nutrients.

When I reflect on nature’s law of balance, and how consciousness pervades our entire beings, it seems that over time, nature would surely act out if it where not treated well. According to the law of balance, the nature within the cells of our body will respond to its Deficiency, to its Toxemia, and to the death wish placed upon it. The response will not be kind, but it will be exactly in the force of the abuse it received, it will be degeneration, illness, and suffering.

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Toxemia - The Accumulation of Toxins, Be it Emotional or Physical

“In the process of tissue building—metabolism—there is cell building—anabolism—and cell destruction—catabolism. The broken down tissue is toxic and in health—when nerve energy is normal—it is eliminated from the blood as fast as evolved.” 1 When the body faces inertia; such as in energy blocks, improper foods, poor mental attitudes, excessive nervous stimulation, then the body will no longer eliminate the normal wastes. “This accumulation of toxin when once established will continue until nerve energy is restored by removing the causes. So-called disease is nature’s effort at eliminating the toxin from the blood.” 2 In other words, what we call a disease is not really the disease, the inflammation, the growth’s, the mucous are the results of the body trying to eliminate toxic matter which has built up in the system. When these toxins reach a critical mass, the body is thrown into a state of crises to eliminate the toxins, this is what we call a disease, it is really a crises of toxemia caused by inertia.Thomas Sydenham, considered to be the “English Hippocrates,” after a lifetime of practicing medicine in the 17 th century wrote. “Disease,“ he declared, “is nothing else but an attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of morbific matter.” 3

Cell Vaculoes Eating Toxins

The bodies response of mucous, swelling, inflammation, and pain are it’s attempts to regain homeostasis, or balance through the deliberate efforts to remove the offending toxins. The Pathwork guide alludes to the holographic truth of toxemia as the cause of disease in lecture 191, “ Just as the accumulation of physical waste that is not expelled and eliminated creates disease in the body, so does unassimilated, unexperienced feeling matter cause disease of the soul.” 4

Fear is another main cause of toxemia. Fear not only distorts the flow of energy in our body, it over uses our glandular system and poisons our bodies. Fear comes from our habitual defensive patterns which we learned in childhood, and continue to use as adults. “ When you are on the defensive in psychological conflicts, for irrational, unrealistic reasons, your glandular system does not question the validity of the reason. The poisonous substance is released the moment you are frightened, and every time you are on the defensive, you are frightened. Therefore, it is important that unrealistic fears should cease, and being on the defensive for no valid reason be ruled out of your life, otherwise the poisonous substance will affect your bloodstream and nervous system, and physical damage will accrue in one way or another.” 5 The path towards healing disease, and healing toxemia, is therefore to heal our fears. Other conditions which add toxemia are: improper habits like diet, and also improper mental conditions such as, worry, self indulgence, grief, shock, anger, narcissism/pride, selfishness, envy, jealousy, dishonesty, and gossip .

The law of balance is fundamental to the functioning of the human body, yet we think and know little of it. “ The human body is held together by a supreme law of balance of which you human beings as yet know nothing. If this law did not prevail, all your cells and particles would disintegrate; your physical structure could not hold together.” 6 The purpose of the law of balance is to create truth and harmony in the universe. When someone is sick, it is really their bodies attempt to restore an order of balance. Rather than looking at illness as a strange force which has overtaken an individual, we must look at it from the perspective that some toxic element exists within the individual, either on the physical or emotional level, and that these elements are trying to be brought into a state of balance using nature’s law of balance. Dr. Tilden, the creator of the toxemia theory encourages us to not look for cures to our illness. Since illness is a function of Nature’s balancing act, we must be careful to not obstruct this Natural movement and label it as a cure. Dr. Tilden advised aiding nature in her recovery process by removing factors which inhibit balance, rather than try to cure the symptoms which are present. Inhibiting factors such as drug’s, surgery, or stimulating factors, like coffee, alchohol, and sugar where avoided. Balancing factors are added such as enema’s, rest, fasting and warm baths.

You can read Dr. Tilden's Book Online, Toxemia Explained.

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