Other Possible Health Hazards DRUGS, CHEMICALS, AND SURGERY


When a person is sick, let’s say they have AIDS or cancer, then they are recommended that their main options for treatments are drugs, surgery and chemotherapy. These treatments possibly cost thousands of dollars per month. I think there is something deeply wrong that our supposed health care system profits greatly when a person is sick. When I feel into idea that it is acceptable for people to profit, not just make a reasonable amount of money, but to make lewd and excessive sums of money, off of another individuals suffering, is truly disgusting, and that makes me feel sick. Yet this is the status quo of our medical profession. Such a profiteering industry, has a strong motivation, to discourage people from seeking alternative cures that work and a strong motivation to encourage the use of substances which may be harmful, but will increase corporate profits. Doctors are also allowed to receive kickbacks and other bonuses for prescribing certain drugs.

Often hailed by people as panaceas of healing, chemicals and drugs are highly dangerous and should be used only after their effects have been carefully considered. Henry Bieler was a practicing physician for over fifty years, and he reached three basic conclusions about the cause and cure of disease. The second conclusion, “is that in almost all cases the use of drugs in treating patients is harmful. Drugs often cause serious side effects, and sometimes even create new diseases. The dubious benefits they afford the patient are at best temporary. The physician is indeed rare who can be completely aware of the potential danger from the side effects of all these drugs.” 1 Let’s consider Dr. Beiler’s words in light of our knowledge of toxemia. The body has used the law of balance to try to release toxic accumulation. The disease is the symptom of the bodies attempt to rid itself of toxins. The toxins are built up in the body because the liver, kidney’s, adrenal glands, and thyroid gland could not eliminate the toxin by themselves. Then, to this weakened individual, introduce powerful new drugs into their system. The all-ready overburdened liver now has more residue to remove. The result is an increase in toxemia, hence, drugs, in most cases, make people more sick. Many drugs also try to suppress symptoms of the persons toxemia. Suppressing these symptoms, is many times, is ignoring and fighting against Nature’s house cleaning attempts. A good general example of this is allergy medication. A person has an allergic reaction to pollen, because his body’s defense mechanisms cannot handle the pollen properly. The body then uses the backup defense mechanism, of making the eye’s water, and making the person sneeze, to keep the pollen out. In taking allergy medication, the person’s body is now numb to the pollen and can’t remove it. In a dangerous manner, the pollen is stuck within the body. The allergy medicine itself is also a toxin. It is no wonder Barbara has observed, chemotherapy clogging the entire auric field especially the liver. “And that Drugs affect the aura a great deal. I have seen dark energy forms in the liver left from drugs taken for various previous diseases. Hepatitis leaves an orange yellow color in the liver years after the disease is supposedly cured.” 2

While at times surgery is necessary to save someone’s life, it too can become a toxic condition. Take a patient who is so sick that their body cannot heal itself, toxins have built up. Then you add countless drugs into their body and remove a part of this sick body hoping to affect a cure. This in most cases, is not a very wise practice.


I would also like to mention briefly fluoride and root canals. In my research I stumbled across these two factors. Fluoride is a deadly poison. Just a small amount, approximately ½ a teaspoon will kill someone who weighs a hundred pounds. Regularly absorbing this poison through toothpaste, mouth rinse, dental visits, or tap water puts a tremendous strain on the liver. The slow poisoning of fluoride can contribute to the break down of the liver and other organs and glands. Dr. Dean Burk was a highly respected chemist who worked for the National Cancer institute. He testified before congress that he believed fluoridation to have caused about 1/10 th of all cancer deaths. That’s 61,000 people per year. 3

Root Canals

A root canal is done to a tooth when the pulp of the tooth is damaged. The pulp is removed, and for appearance reasons, a hollow dead tooth is left in someone’s mouth. A dentist George E. Meinig, was one of the founding members who started the American Association of Endontists (Root Canal Therapists). He was a huge proponent of root canals until he discovered the 25 years of root canal research by Dr. Weston Price. The research showed that it is very common for malignant bacteria’s to grow under the root canal, in such a manner that the body cannot clean them up and then slowly they contaminate the rest of the body. Dr. Price cured or greatly improved many degenerative condition’s through removal, and proper cleaning of the root canal teeth.

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Conclusion for The Cause of Disease

Disease, is an indication of our divergence from Nature’s fundamental laws of life. We’ve explored a sampling of some aspects of these laws. Inertia, the fundamental cause of disease has been examined through three key manifestations; Karma, Deficiency, and Toxemia. We are encouraged by Nature’s laws to cease blaming the external world for the cause of our disease, and start looking within. Within us, lies not only distorted patterns of thinking and feeling based on misperceptions of life, but also there exists distortions of lifestyle habits, which generally involve nutrition and other forms of living in the physical world. Underlying this type of lifestyle may be deeply engrained negative beliefs about life and a secret longing for death. Even though no outer savoir may come, we are not forsaken, hopeless or destined to suffer. Neither do we need to rely on future knowledge in the outer world to cure us. Living under Nature’s rules have kept primitive people’s healthy for thousands of years, providing effortless birth’s, long and healthy lives, and healthy, well formed physical bodies for in which souls of humans could reside. The cause of most disease, inertia, now can be known. This knowledge empowers you to heal your separation with nature. This knowledge begs you to look within for your salvation, as your only savior is you. You may now reconsider your previously thoughtless patterns of self abuse, neglect, and addiction if you’ve been following an improper diet. You will gradually being to experience life as if it where a gift of divine perfection. Life takes on new meaning when you realign your whole being, tissues, cell’s and molecules with Nature’s benevolent, divine, laws of health.

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