Including The Mother Earth, The Low Fat Myth, and The High Fiber Error

The largely false diet information propagated by our government, corporations, media, and medical associations do not take into consideration the crucial differences between organic and non organic foods. Between free range pastured meat, and meat raised in cruel feedlot conditions. Most studies about animal products do not take these factors into consideration. The type of nutrition fed to us by most of the public outlets is called Politically Correct Nutrition. It singles out foods grown by independent producers, like eggs and beef, but spares the powerful and highly profitable grain cartels, vegetable oil producers and the food processing industry; it sacrifices old fashioned butter on the alter of the latest nutritional fad but spares pasteurized milk products and processed cheese; it gives lip service to overwhelming evidence that sugar is a major cause our degenerative diseases but spares the soft drink industry. 1

Mythology ArtworkMany comment, that surely if poor diet, and toxins in our food contributed so largely to health problems in our culture, that someone would immediately take action for a change, or that the news media would share these wonderful discoveries with the world. I’ll divert the answer to this question to Dr. Harvey W. Wiley former commissioner of the US Bureau of Chemistry which is now known as the FDA. While Dr. Wiley was commissioner he tried to enforce Pure Foods Act of 1906. This law, took great effort to pass at the time, it was a guarantee to the American people, that only pure, unprocessed foods and drugs, which did not contain any chemicals, pesticides, or additives would be legal to be sold. Under the Pure Food Act, unnatural foods such as; soft drinks, breakfast cereals, candy bars, non-organic food and many drugs of today would be illegal to make, sell or consume because of their hazardous effects. Dr. Wiley, in trying to enforce the pure food law, became so frustrated with the corruption in the FDA, which has been run by private food interests since around his time, 1912, that he resigned. He then wrote a book called, “History of Crime Against the Pure Food Law.” Toxic ChemicalsHe knew that processed and denatured food along with chemical additives would cause and aggravate many degenerative diseases, yet he could not stop it from happening in our country.

The sad fact is that we as a culture allows the painful suffering, of men, women and children to go on daily. The morality of our culture is therefore in opposition in many ways to Nature’s laws. I am led to the same conclusion as spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart referred to our negative collective and individual human mind (which is usually making the decisions), which he called the egoic mind as the most "dangerously insane and destructive entity ever to inhabit this planet." The product of this entity is the disease which most American’s now face and suffer from caused by a daily consumption of poison which is legally sold as food, and a lack of consumption of vital nutrients which are generally vilified by the same sources. The problem with the high cost of health care, can also be solved through you by preventing disease naturally.

The Mother

The Kogi people’s, one of the last remaining wise cultures of our planet, hidden deep within the mountains of Columbia, tell us that we are destroying the planet. Every time a tree is cut down, it is painful to the tree. And we are not separate from this pain. Humans have a symbiotic relationship with the earth. We live in the earth field and when the field is damaged through ignorance, it hurts us. Many or all of us are unaware of the deep pain energy field on the planet due to our abuse of it. This energy field, and disconnection from it, is part of the disease of inertia. It starts after we are born. The mother, being the babies universe. When there is a secure bonding to the babies mother, than naturally, as the child grows, he transfers this bonding to the earth. Primitive people’s who received this type of bonding never destroyed the earth, they new that it’s balance was essential for their survival.

The Low fat Myth

Politically correct nutrition dictates that we should eat a diet low in fat, and a diet low in saturated fat which is animal fat. This diet for a majority of people is dangerous, and there is no proof that it works. During the 1920’s coronary heart disease was rare in America. Today heart disease causes at least 40 percent of all US deaths. During the sixty year period from 1910 to 1970 the proportion of traditional animal fat in the American diet declined from 83 percent to 62 percent, and butter consumption plummeted from 18 pounds per person per year to four. During the same period the percentage of dietary vegetable oils in the form of margarine, shortening and refined oils increased about 400 percent while the consumption of sugar and processed foods increased about 60 percent. 2 There are countless other studies done which prove this same fact.

Previously I mentioned that subconsciously we all might have a wish for death related to a fear of living. I implied that this death wish was supported by a majority of our cultural institutions. One excellent way to contribute, in a majority of cases to an untimely death, is the low-fat diet and low meat diet. Cholesterol and saturated fat is what makes up our cell membranes. When our cells are damaged, or our arteries are damaged, it is cholesterol that comes to the rescue and creates healing. High serum cholesterol levels often indicate that the body needs cholesterol to protect itself and heal it self. The exception here is that there are some cases where a short term avoidance of fat, as a cleansing for the body’s digestive mechanisms can be very beneficial, but not as a long term habit. In more simple terms, if you follow your doctor’s advice, or the government’s, you could be signing your own early prescription for disease, suffering, and even death. Dr. William Debakey, a very respected and famous heart surgeon says, “An analysis of cholesterol values . . . in 1,700 patients with atherosclerotic disease revealed no definite correlation between serum cholesterol levels and the nature and extent of atherosclerotic disease.” [Learn more about the Cholesterol Myth]

The low fat diet is as a habit almost always highly dangerous, unless done as part of a special cleanse. “It is possible to starve to death eating lean meat. I’m not making this up. The ancient tribes of the West knew this and would not eat female bison in the spring because nursing and pregnant bison cows burned off their fat reserves during the winter months, leaving few calories in their flesh that might help the natives to digest the pure protein of the meat.” 3 Eskimo’s, who live almost entirely from meat of sea animals and fish. They eat a ratio of approximately 1 pound of fat for every 2 pounds of meat. The fat provides the necessary constituents to help with the digestion of proteins, it is also an excellent source of vitamins and energy. Eggs, organ meats, raw milks and cheeses have high amounts of fat. Nature designed us to eat fat with our proteins. The advice to avoid these foods, and the practice of eating lean meats is strictly wrong and detrimental. Don’t take my word for it, try eating a highly fatty meat, such as grass fed beef ribs, you’ll find that there are few thing’s more satisfying. Primitive diets consisted of 30-80% fat. Ice cream, is another high fat dish, the fat is what makes it satisfying. However, the ice cream in stores comes from denatured cream with dangerous forms of proteins, it will cause disease and lead to illness, unless your organs are all strong enough to continually eliminate the toxins produced from the putrefying cream. Dr. Beiler believes that icecream was the main cause of Polio. Usually the peak of ice cream season of July and August, corresponds with the outbreak of Polio. “We make this suggestion because the diffusible putrefactive acids from ice cream indigestions, when not eliminated entirely by the liver and kidneys, emerge vicariously through the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses. These symptoms often suggest a summer cold. The polio virus feeds up this excretion…” One can make homemade icecream from raw pasture fed cream & milk and rapadura, maple syrup or honey rather than regular sugar.

The high fiber Error

The idea that we should eat Bran fiber came from renowned Missionary surgeon Dr. Dennis Burkitt. His pioneering studies in the 1970’s noting that rural Africans on a high-fiber diets had far less colon cancer than people in the West. He later discovered primitive people who had almost no diabetes, constipation, or irritable bowel syndrome which seemed to support the conclusion that the African’s high fiber intake accounted for their good intestinal health. These African tribesmen did eat a high fiber diet, but they rarely ate grains. In fact, the fiber found in carbohydrates, which our food industry has convinced us are necessary for health, is the primary cause of intestinal disease and other diseases as they contain high amounts of nutrient blocking phytates. 4 Here again, listening to the advice of food industry will make you sick. Good fiber comes from fruits and vegetables. As a side note to this topic, the school food industry in public schools is a seven billion dollar market. The food industry has made sure that our food pyramid, in which grains our the largest food item, reflects its desires to feed our children the lowest cost, highest profit food they can manufacture.

Some alternative dietary suggestions from the Weston A Price foundation are available on my 7 habits of Nutritious People's page.



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