Foods that Cause Early Childhood Caries

White Sugar, evaporated Cane Juice, Corn Syrup, and Organic Cane Sugar

White Sugar is a skeletonized product, in order to have a long shelf life, all of it’s main constituents are removed. Scientific evidence against sugar has been mounting for decades. A survey of medical journals in the 1970s produced findings implicating sugar as a causative factor in kidney disease, liver disease, shortened life span, increased desire for coffee and tobacco, arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. 7 Finally sugar consumption was proved by Dr. Melvin Page to leech calcium out of our bones. 8 This is how sugar contributes to tooth decay, it has little to do with sugar resting on the surface of the tooth.

Early childhood caries happens when the mother and father do not eat enough nutrient rich foods before pregnancy.

Learn what toxic foods cause early childhood caries.

Learn what healthy foods prevents early childhood caries.

The vitamins and minerals needed to properly digest sugar are removed from sugar by various chemical processes. The purpose of removing these essential nutrients, is that with these nutrients removed the sugar has an almost limitless shelf life. Sugar is used commonly in our packaged food to mask foul flavors from chemical processing, and to preserve factory made foods. I believe that the denatured sugar which we eat, adheres to the law of balance. After having been sucked dry of all it’s life force, it enters the body and attempts to create it’s own homeostasis. The body, consisting of more life force than sugar, transfer’s it’s nutrients to the sugar, to bring it back into balance.

An important note, is that while white sugar causes the most severe internal disturbances that lead to tooth decay, organic sugar's, unheated honey, and even sweet and dried fruits will promote tooth decay. This is because the rapid rise in blood sugar leads to a set of biological responses that causes calcium and phosphorus to be leeched from your bones. Very healthy people, who are rare in the modern Western World, have a better ability of utilizing natural sugar's in fruits. If you are suffering from tooth decay, avoiding all sugar's, even fruits, temporarily, will substantially help the process.

Food Demons that Make You Sick

I call these foods demon's, because they take our divine container for our spirit and our life, our bodies, and turn them into decayed, weak and diseased mush. If only you knew how deeply harmful processed foods were to your health, you would never eat them again.

White Flour and Flour products - White flour has had it’s vitamin and mineral content removed to do it’s high level of rancidity. Whole wheat flour is only somewhat better. I only eat bread products that are made from freshly ground organic grains that have been soaked or fermented for 12 hours to several days.

Low cost Vegetable Oils and Hydrogenated Oils – It is important to understand that, of all substances ingested by the body, it is polyunsaturated oils that are rendered most dangerous by food processing, especially unstable omega-3 linolenic acid. In large factories seeds are heated to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The oil is then squeezed out at pressures from 10 to 20 tons per inch. In order to extract oil from the final pulp, toxic chemicals are added such as hexane.

Margarine - Margarine is more plastic than it is food. It is a human made trans fat that is a toxin to your body, but unfortunately your digestive system does not recognize them as such and incorporates this hazardous compound into your cells.

Iodized Salt – Normal table salt is highly refined. Salt is the product of a chemical and high temperature industrial process that removes all the valuable magnesium salts as well as trace minerals naturally occurring in the sea.

Pasteurized Milk & Powdered Milk – The milk sold in the supermarket is bad for everybody. The modern milk cow is a mutant cow which produces three to four times as much milk as a standard cow. Pasteurized milk has been linked to numerous diseases. I suggest certified raw grassfed milk, or raw fermented grassfed milk, such as kefir.

Soy Milk, Soy Meat, Soy Protein, Soy Formula and Tofu – Soy protein powder is high in mineral-blocking phytates, thyroid depressing phytoestrogens and potent enzyme inhibitors that depress growth and cause cancer. Phytates are substances that block the absorption of minerals in the body. Soybeans are high in phytates and contain potent enzyme inhibitors that are only deactivated by fermentation and not by ordinary cooking.

Non-Pasture Fed Meat & Eggs – This is the diseased meat that you buy in a typical supermarkets. Modern cattle-raising techniques include the use of steroids to make meat more tender and antibiotics that allow cattle to survive in crowded feedlots. Diseased animals routinely pass inspection and find their way into the food supply. Unfortunately, it is restaurants, as well as supermarkets who are carriers of this foul product. Many restaurants use the cheapest ingredients possible as to make a profit, and your health is what is compromised. You also are supporting an industry that severely abuses animals.

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