Proof That Your Child's Teeth Can Remineralize

"After the nutrition was improved, the tissues of the pulp built in secondary dentine thus reincasing itself in a closed chamber." - Weston A. Price, DDS

What you see above are two x-ray images of the same tooth from one individual. The two downward projections represent the roots of the tooth. In the center of each root you will see a dark streak. These streaks, the root canals, are the spaces where nerves and blood vessels connect to the jaw.

The x-ray on the left shows a large and prominent dark area at the crown of the tooth. This is a very large cavity that leaves the pulp and nerves of the tooth exposed to the mouth.

The x-ray on the right shows the tooth after some time of nutritional treatment. A temporary filling was placed to protect the pulp from the pain of pressure produced by food. The result is a progressive filling in of the dentine, the new secondary tooth layer that, in many cases, is hard and glassy. In as little as six weeks time we can begin to rebuild our tooth dentine, creating new enamel and thus healing cavities.

A special 25 page section on a sane approach for healing children’s tooth decay.

  • The potential exists to save your child from dental surgery, and to save yourself from thousands of dollars of dental bills.
  • Until now, for young children, there were no sane dental treatments available.
  • A safe and natural alternative approach exists for healing your child’s teeth, with nutrition.
  • An approach that teaches parents to avoid possibly painful and traumatic dental surgery
  • Answers to common questions about children’s tooth decay

Healing Early Childhood Caries

Early Childhood Caries

Baby bottle tooth decay and nutrient deficiency.

How to remineralize baby's teeth.

What Weston Price has to say about baby bottle tooth decay.

What is wrong with the current theory of tooth decay?

A diet for breastfeeding mothers and baby bottle tooth decay

Baby cavities healing

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How to prevent baby bottle tooth decay.

Why baby's teeth decay.


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