Heal and Prevent Early Childhood Caries (Cavities) without Dental Surgery or Fluoride!

by Rami Nagel


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I made this site because my daughter was affected with tooth decay, and I learned how to stop it without harmful dental surgery.


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At the age of one, my daughter began suffering from severe cavities. At the same time, my teeth where also infected with up to four cavities. I know what it is like to feel stress from a child suffering from tooth decay, because I have experienced it first hand.

For my daughter, her teeth started to decay so rapidly, that one of them just disintegrated and chipped apart in a matter of about two weeks time.

Two years later, using the nutritional program I developed, my daughter has teeth that are now hard, and resilient, they no longer chip, she has abundant energy, and has remained pain and infection free.

Published Tooth Decay Research by Me

1. November 2006 Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients - Early Childhood Caries

2. Summer 2006 Natural Parenting Australia - Early Childhood Caries

Update: I have since discovered that in addition the the below dietary recommendations, that a liberal supply of bone marrow (from grassfed animals, or wild fish), say anywhere from 1 teaspoon - several tablespoons daily, helps the teeth stabilize, and also is supportive in creating a healthy child.

Tooth decay is a preventable, treatable, and usually a curable occurrence. You will learn what its cause is, how to treat it, and what you need to be aware of for your and your child's health. Included on this page, is a part of a protocol to follow, that will significantly improve the health of your child's teeth and gums, and it will very likely, slow down, the process of tooth decay. I encourage you to purchase the print edition of my book, Available by November 1st, because I put in a special 25 page section on healing children's tooth decay.

Introduction to Cause and Treatments of Early Childhood Tooth Decay

For teeth to re mineralize, the surface of the tooth needs to be clean. Any toothpaste which is pasty contains glycerin. The glycerin takes about 27 washes with water to remove from the tooth’s surface. There are many alternative products such as tooth liquids, tooth powders, sea salt and baking soda, and herbs to clean and treat teeth.

The method for healing children's teeth begins as follows. Preferably your child is breastfeeding. Since the cause of tooth decay, as we now know, is a deficiency in nutrients, caused by wrong diet choices prior to conception, during pregnancy and during the lactation phase, we heal tooth decay by providing a remedy to the nutrient loss. The vehicle for these nutrients is breast milk. So breastfeeding is extremely helpful, and that includes night feeding.

If your child is not breastfeeding, then you can modify the suggestions and still produce excellent results. After the treatment protocol and some pictures, I have provided you with a list of foods you must avoid. As the toxic conditions created in the bloodstream by these foods, is a substantial factor in your child's tooth decay. In trying these Treatments you will also find many other health improvements in your child, including increased alertness, intelligence, and a more positive mood.

While it is possible that your child's teeth may still decay even on this protocol, you will find that the secondary dentine, the middle layer of the tooth, can regrow. What happens on this protocol, is that there are enough nutrients, body building substances and proper body chemistry to ensure that the tooth pulp, the inner layer of the tooth does not get exposed. When the pulp is protected, their will be no infection. No infection, means no pain. No pain, means you do not need to have a dangerous medical procedure done on your child!!!!!

My daughter's one tooth crumbled away. Now the stub of that tooth, is has hard as a diamond. The butter oil, and the special dietary protocols we are following are the cause of it.

The Bodies True Needs of Calcium and Phosphorus

Probably the main cause of tooth decay, is a deficiency in Calcium and Phosphorus in the womb time, and in the breast milk. Since the infant is growing at a rapid rate, it will exhaust the mother's supply of bone building nutrients rapidly, so the supply must be replenished quickly. From several sources, including the analysis by Weston Price of the Diets of Eskimo's, of Canadian Indians, of the Swiss in the Alpine Valley's, by analysis of dietary patterns of the Masai in Africa, and of a study done in 1910 Hoffstrom, the average, calcium need for pregnancy and lactation is 2.5 grams per day! The Average phosphorus need, is 4 grams per day.

Testimonial: "When my 4 year old daughter's teeth began to have lots of tooth decay (for her age), we visited a few dentists and all of them were blaming me that I did not brush her teeth enough. But I did... Basically, they wanted to do dental anesthesia on her and repair all her cavities at once. My husband and I talked and decided not to put her through this. After all, she had no pain at all and her teeth did not bother her.

I decided to take the matter into my own hands. I started researching about tooth decay, and stumbled upon Rami's web site. I even wrote to him, and he was very helpful. A while later, when his book was published, I bought it. I already knew about the diet from Rami's book, and I was implementing parts of it, but I guess that was not enough to protect my oldest daughter from tooth decay....

This book gave me hope for my daughter's teeth - and now I know that we are responsible for our health. I have also forgiven the dentists that kept showing me how to brush her teeth, I mean, they don't know better...When I asked one of the dentists if my daughter does not have enough nutrients in the body, and that's maybe why her teeth decay (because the body takes all the essential nutrients from the teeth first), he disregarded it and said this could not be the case because all her teeth are formed very well. I did not argue with him, because I knew he was not taught anything about diet in his medical school. I just stopped going to dentists and now I try my best to follow the diet (for my daughter and rest of family) Rami outlines in his book.

If you are discouraged and don't know what to do, get this book. I was very worried and upset about my daughter's teeth at first, but now I am actually very calm because I know I am doing the right thing." - Marina, Ontario, Canada

Features Relating to Children's Tooth Decay

A special 25 page section on a sane approach for healing children’s tooth decay.

  • The potential exists to save your child from dental surgery, and to save yourself from thousands of dollars of dental bills.
  • Until now, for young children, there were no sane dental treatments available.
  • A safe and natural alternative approach exists for healing your child’s teeth, with nutrition.
  • An approach that teaches parents to avoid possibly painful and traumatic dental surgery
  • Answers to common questions about children’s tooth decay.

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Baby bottle tooth decay and nutrient deficiency

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What Weston Price has to say about baby bottle tooth decay.

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About the Author

Rami Nagel Alternative Medicine AuthorRamiel Nagel successfully healed his own cavities as well as his daughter's severe tooth decay. Ramiel has been published in the peer-reviewed and highly respected Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients for his work on Early Childhood Tooth Decay. Ramiel is also published in Nexus magazine, Natural Parenting and several articles in the Journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Wise Traditions.

About Weston Price

Weston Price Dentist

Tooth decay was prevented with nutrition in a high degree of cases, from 90-95% in the thirties and forties by an esteemed, and highly respected dentist, Weston Price, DDS.

Many of Dr. Price's articles were published in the Journal of the American Dental Association.

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