Why The Current Theory of Baby Tooth Decay Does not Hold Water

Before we examine why teeth really decay, we need to explore the current theory of tooth decay, and see how it seems extremely suspicious under close scrutiny.

Current Theory from ADA “Tooth decay is a destruction of the tooth enamel. It occurs when foods containing carbohydrates (sugars and starches) such as milk, pop, raisins, cakes or candy are frequently left on the teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth thrive on these foods, producing acids as a result. Over a period of time, these acids destroy tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay.” Here's the link to the ADA site, you can read it for yourself.

1. Action of bacterial Acid does not decay teeth in death.

Skulls with No Decayed Teeth
Image used with permission of Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation http://www.price-pottenger.org/

2. Action of Bacterial acid does not cause significant decay in death, even when there is active decay prior to death

From Brian Palmer, DDS Presentation
Arrows point to areas of tooth decay, decay stops progressing at time of death.

3. Breastfeeding does not cause tooth decay, nor does night nursing. It would be an evolutionary mistake, to have the mother's milk be the cause of an unhealthy condition. A full explanation is available at Brian Palmer, DDS's web site.

4. Strep Mutans that are the supposed cause of tooth decay, act like no other bacteria on the planet Strep Mutans, would need to contain the following unique and impossible characteristics to be the cause of tooth decay.

a. They eat food that normal bacteria’s do not eat, including white sugar, white flour, and pasteurized products – these foods are specially processed by industry so bacteria will not eat them, so how can bacteria’s decide to like them inside someone’s mouth?

b. Strep Mutans do not eat food that normal bacteria’s like to eat, such as meat, fish, raw milk, fruit and vegetables.

c. Strep mutans are the only bacteria in existence that can survive off of a food with no nutrients, white sugar.

5. White Sugar, and white flour have been specially processed, and treated even with chemicals, specifically to prevent bacteria's from eating those foods. We know white sugar causes tooth decay, and yet, it kills bacteria's. Here's what the Sugar Associations own website says, "sugar incapacitates any microorganisms by its ability to attract water."

6. Even young infants who rarely or never; eat sugar, drink from bottles, drink fruit juice, or eat white flour, get tooth decay. Since the decay can not be attributed to these supposed bacteria's eating the sugar, breast milk is blamed. And yet, I if you go to Dr. Palmer's link, you will see it doesn't. In fact, the sugar in milk, Lactose " is naturally designed to be digested and broken down into its two sugars while in the lower intestine, not while it is in the mouth.  While in the breast milk, it is surrounded and protected by antibodies, lactoferrin, etc. which protects it from Strep mutans."

7. Teeth are essentially bones, they do not decay as bones do not decay, and are extremely similar in structure, in a general manner to other bones in the body. Teeth are inside the body, so just because we can see them easily, does not mean they are not a bone. When we have bone loss in the body, it is called Osteoporosis. Do we blame bacteria's for this? When we have bone loss in the mouth, we call it tooth decay, and we blame bacteria's for it. Tooth decay is really therefore, dental bone loss, or Dental-Osteoporosis, which would be then termed, ondoporosis.

8. New microscope technology shows that bacteria’s are pleo-morphic in nature, not mono-morphic. Pleo-morphic means the form changes, and mono-morphic means that the form of the bacteria does not change. In other words, when you see a dead bacteria on a microscope, it appears like a solid form (mono-morphic), when you view a live bacteria in a microscope, you see that they evolve and change their form, from simple to more complex (pleo-morphic). Thus Strep Mutans are dormant or exist in a small degree in all of our mouths. When the conditions are not healthy in our mouth, due to a lack of nutrients or dysfunctioning body chemistry, then rather than good bacteria's evolving and spreading, the Strep Mutans are concomitant to tooth decay. They exist as an affect, and in a relationship to the mouth. They are not harmful invaders, they are symbiotic.

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