Please explore these resources, as many provide a detailed explantion of a variety of illnesses.

Whale - The best health resource I've found. You can become a health expert just by reading this site. Accurate explanation's for the cause of many diseases are listed.

Earth Clinic - A Treasure chest of home remedies. A great site, is well organized and includes many user reviews of home remedies for various conditions.

Cancer Cure Foundation - Find natural cancer therapies in the US and Mexico. Clinics listed include ones using Harry Hoxney and Virginia Livingston Wheeler treatments.

Cancer Tutor - Did you know there are natural or alternative cancer treatments that overall have a 50% true cure rate on cancer patients given up on by orthodox medicine?

Help People Out of Poverty - Kiva, is a non-profit loan organization where you can donate money as a loan to help entrepreneurs in the third world.

Alive and Well - Healing and recovery from AIDS

Preconception Health - A website devoted to educating about the importance of preconception health and how to obtain it.

Cure Tooth Decay - Cure Tooth Decay, heal and prevent cavities with nutrition. Learn the real cause of tooth decay, and how you can be empowered to prevent it.

Eczema Cure - Excellent Website for healing skin conditions!

Beating Cancer Gently - Beat Cancer Naturally.

Home Remedies Encylopedia - has suggestions for everything from colds to joint issues.

Nourished Magazine :: Wisdom to Thrive By - Nourished Magazine is powered by an online community of people like you, sharing experience, knowledge and passion for living well. Together we remember how to nourish our bodies, our children, our planet.

Professional Healer - Find a professional healer in your community today!

Buteyko Breathing - Free your body of health problems and ashtma with proper breathing.

Heal Our Planet - The technology to end vehicle pollution has existed for the past 100 years. Did you know that over 1 million vehicles where sold in 2004 that can run on both Ethanol (corn alchohol) and gasoline?

Dr. Christopher's Herbal Treatments - A natural herbalist who cured many people who where uncurable by Western treatments using potent herbs.

Wheels of Light - Coming back to our divine nature. Reiki, Fairies, Angels, Herbal Formulas, Flower Essences and Sessions.

Healing Our Children Because your new baby matters. Learn how to make children's teeth healthy before conception and during pregnancy.

Healing Our Children Sacred wisdom for preconception, pregnancy, birth and parenting

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Learn the many health benifits of fermented cod liver oil

Cod Liver Oil Shop High vitamin nutrient dense Green Pasture's oils delivered to your house.

Pictures of Jesus Face Want to know what Jesus really looked like? Take a look at his face.

Repair your teeth naturally with good food. Heal your cavities now and see if you can avoid a root canal.

Cure La Caries Dental Aprender más acerca del libro Cure la Caries Dental™. El libro está diseñado para empoderarlo y enseñarle de manera práctica, además de brindarle todas las respuestas que necesita para dominar las caries dentales.

Karies Heilen Natürlich starke Zähne mit der richtigen Ernährung

Holistic Dental Store Herbal dental care products that can be used to replace tooth paste and make your teeth healtheir including herbal tooth powder, herbal mouth wash and herbal vitamin C.


Organic Abode - Have a cleaner and healthier home.

High Vitamin Butter Oil w/ Activator X, High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil

Arthritis Trust - Eradicate Rheumatoid Disease

Townsend Letter Archives - Includes the Universal vaccine, how to create a safe vaccine without negative side effects.

AIDS is not what you think, here are a few links that help show you the truth. The Virus Myth, Duesberg on Aids, and the Other Side of Aids

Edgar Cayce - A psychic who did over 14,000 channelings. Many people went to him for help in curing various ailments. A summary of his diagnosis and treatments are available.

Cure-Zone - A web site filled with testimonials of people who are trying to cure of have cured various ailments.

Active Health - Excellent all around health website.

Truth Quest - Interesting Natural healing website with herbs and natural therapy.

Dr. Mercola - The number one alternative health site on the internet, who is a proud follower of the diet of Weston A Price, the same diet mentioned in step 3. The site has many articles.

Shirley's Wellness Cafe - A web site dedicated to natural health for humans and animals.

Food For Thought - Another web site similar to mine. Lots of explanations of the causes of disease related to diet, as well as a list of illnesses and how they relate to diet.

Sensible Health - Healing protocols using herbs rather than drugs or surgery.

The Cholesterol Myth by Uffe Ravnskov The idea that too much animal fat and high cholesterol are dangerous to your heart and vessels is nothing but a myth.

Karl Loren - Many controversial things you'll find on this site. But I believe his research about heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer to be very mind opening.

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation - You have discovered one of the most unique health resource organizations in the world. PPNF has a great Journal, some articles on online.

Weston A Price Foundation - A detailed resource I use for learned how to eat properly.

What the Cell is Going On - An article about how cellular illness is what causes disease.

Dr. Rath - Speaking the truth about the Medical Industrial and Military Industrial complexes. Also did famous research proving heart disease is many cases is related to a vitamin C deficiency.

Hope For Truth - The government is spraying poison on people disguised as a mating disrupter for the light brown apple moth.

Health practioner in Canada.

My Youtube Video Links

Vaccines Exposed

Cure Tooth Decay Part 1

Cure Tooth Decay Part 2

Cure Tooth Decay Part 3

Fun Links

Ninel Kulangina - Moving objects with thought and energy video

10 Puzzling and Ancient Artifacts that give proof to paranormal phenomena

Picture's of Giant People





Clifford Beckwith Cures his Prostate Cancer with Cottage Cheese and Flax Oil. This diet was based on the research of 7 time Nobel Prize nominated scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig. Also Read How to Fight Cancer & Win

The Gerson Therapy, A Complete Protocol

Max Gerson wrote a book called A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer a must-read for anyone with cancer. His treatment has been successful for many "incurable" cases.

Cancer Salves, some doctors references on this great site had over an 80% cure rate using herbs to treat cancer.

Dr. Kelly cures himself of Pancreatic cancer, One Answer to Cancer

A crazy Chemist says he can cure Cancer and he has no doubt about it - Just buy his extensively researched 16 page book for only $11

Urine Therapy has cured many people of uncurable diseases. The Universal Remedy has been used also as a pain reliever for people who are suffering from painful illnesses. Mr. Lara also has a manuscript on how to cure prevent and treat Breast Cancer.

An expert on Alternative Cancer Therapies

The Cancer Guide - Get informed about Cancer with this thorough guide.

Joseph Eldor, MD Urine Therapy for people with Cancer


From the author of YourReturn.Org

Published Books

Pregnancy Books Healing Our Children

Healing Our Children reveals that each disease of pregnancy and childhood can be prevented naturally. The secrets of having a vibrant, healthy child are explained in easy to grasp terms.

Learn how to:
·substantially reduce your child’s risk for every disease
·reduce your risk of birth defects by 1602%
·reduce your risk of miscarriage by 640%
·reduce your risk of premature births by 315%
·reverse infertility in 78.4% of the cases
·significantly reduce birth complications
·have a more comfortable pregnancy
·feel supported in holistic child raising practices
·have a child who meets and exceeds the intelligence for his age group
·shorten your recovery time after birth
·prevent autism
·prevent SIDS
·prevent post-partum depression
·prevent dental cavities
·and so much more about Children's Health...

Published Book

Cure Tooth Decay Print and eBook

Cure Tooth Decay teaches you how to heal and prevent cavities with organic foods.

· Save money on dental bills
· Five tooth decay healing protocols
· Effectiveness rate as high as 95%

A stunning picture of Jesus Face

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