Modern food leads to physical degeneration through deficiency, and toxic build up, this eventually results in Disease and death

The reality I’ve discovered about how western culture creates disease is far more disheartening than we’ve been led to believe. I feel sad thinking about the forces in our food and drugs that have contributed to the pain and suffering of tens of millions of people, forces which are the manifestation of humanities collective inertia. It is an aspect of deficiency which over time becomes an illness and manifests exclusively from our western diet.

Weston Price was a dentist in the 1930’s who noticed that people who had tooth problems, also many times where suffering from other diseases. He hypothesized that the factor causing illness was diet, and he traveled to over 13 of the remotest places in the world, to observe what primitive people’s ate, and what happened to these people’s if they switched to a modern diet.

Aboriginies Healthy - Weston Price
Image: Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®. All Rights Reserved Worldwide, By supporting PPNF, this important work can continue to be made available for future generations.

Caption Page 172: “Note the magnificent dental arches and beautiful teeth of these primitives. Tooth decay was almost unknown in many districts.”

Weston Price Photo - Aboriginies Unhealthy
Image: Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®. All Rights Reserved Worldwide,
Caption page 173: “Wherever the primitive Aborigines have been placed in reservation and fed on the white man’s foods of commerce dental caries has become rampant… Note the contrast between the primitive woman in the upper right and the three modernized women.”
Source: Weston Price, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Page 172, 173

Please note, these white man’s foods where the same foods that white people in Australia regularly ate at the time, and so the modernized Aborigines had a similar incidence of tooth decay and other diseases as the white population versus the disease and decay resistant Aborigines on their natural diet.

Fijans Healthy picture from Weston Price
Image: Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®. All Rights Reserved Worldwide,

Left: [Fijians] The development of the facial bones determines the size and shape of the palate and the size of the nasal passages. Note the strength of the neck of the men above and the well-proportioned faces of the girls below. Such faces are usually associated with properly proportioned bodies. Tooth decay is rare in these mouths so long as they use an adequate selection of native foods.

Fijans Unhealthy Weston Price Picture
Image: Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®. All Rights Reserved Worldwide,

Right: These natives of the Fiji Islands illustrate the effect of changing from the native food to the imported foods of commerce. Tooth decay becomes rampant and with it is lost the ability to properly masticate the food. Growing children and child bearing mothers suffer most severely from dental caries.

One only needs to look at the sampling of pictures. Weston Price in every case found that individuals who followed their primitive diet, where relatively free of every degenerative disease which regularly inflicts the modern world. People who followed a primitive diet did not get cancer, they did not get heart disease, and they rarely got cavities. Their bodies where stalwart, in excellent physical form, their teeth all came in straight as the bone structure’s of their skeleton’s where balanced, which made for easy childbirth for women. When the same civilization, the same brother’s, sister’s, cousins, sons and daughter’s, when they simply switched diet, to the white mans diet, the Western diet, they immediately became prone to all the of insidious degenerative illnesses of our time. Furthermore many primitive group’s of people on the modern diet suffered birth defects, infertility, and a general longing for death rather than life. The white people of the same locations, afforded the same nutrition, had the same amount of tooth decay and degeneration as the primitive people’s who where on the same diet. There where a few striking examples of degeneration caused by western foods. On the north coast of Australia, a trading ship came only on a few occasions, after the ship had come, and exchanged the local fish for white flour and sugar, the people developed severe cavities, when the ship did not come, the people ate from their primitive fair, consisting of mainly fish. During time without shipments of western food the cavities covered themselves over with healthy tooth enamel. “The temporary rise in tooth decay was apparently directly associated with the calling of the trader ships.” 1

Dr. Price, after seeing world over, the same condition of tuberculosis, birth defects, infertility, and dental cavities caused by insufficient nutrient intake came to a startling conclusion. “ The rapid degeneration of the Australian Aborigines after the adoption of the government’s modern foods provides a demonstration that should be infinitely more convincing than animal experimentation. It should be a matter not only of concern but deep alarm that human beings can degenerate physically so rapidly by the use of a certain type of nutrition, particularly the dietary products used so generally used by modern civilization.” In the appendix you can also see graphs made by Dr. Price that show the rates of heart disease directly correlated with the amount of nutrients in the butter that was eaten. When more nutrients where consumed, heart disease went down, and the reverse was true.

The physical decay from poor nutrition is also intimately connected with the decay of the mental attitudes of the people. This makes sense as our brains and nervous receptors need a state of balance and harmony consisting of adequate nutrients to function properly. “As we had found in some of the modernized islands of the Pacific, we discovered that here too, discouragement and a longing for death had taken place of a joy in living in many.” 2 The inert and stagnant matter which makes up a majority of western fair, creates a deep sense of isolation and despair. Many of these fine human civilizations are being wiped out due to death and inability to reproduce from our modern diet.

Conversely, eating foods of the proper nutritional form breeds a heartfelt, life loving attitude towards life. Dr. Price notes, “One immediately wonders if there is not something in the life-giving vitamins and minerals of the food that builds not only great physical structures within which their souls reside, but builds minds and hearts capable of a higher type of manhood in which the material values of life are made secondary to individual character.” 3 As stated in the beginning, each individual grain of matter within our bodies is the seat of our consciousness. This consciousness, in the form of cells and other small structures in the body, floats in a fluid composed of the foods we eat. The higher the quality and vibration of food eaten, and the more in harmony the food is with Nature’s laws, the finer the consciousness of the individual. Likewise, this consciousness is polluted through the wrong food, and our minds and emotions follow. Many animal studies confirm this effect of food on our outlook toward life. One such study involved rat’s feeding on deficient white flour, who not only had large amounts of tooth decay, they also “had very ugly dispositions, so ugly that they threatened to spring through the cage wall at us.” Meanwhile rat’s fed freshly ground whole wheat, whose vitamins where still intact, “had very mild dispositions and could be picked up by the ear or tail.” 4

I also want to add that what happens to the teeth, happens to the rest of the body as well. Tooth decay is a symptom of the general decay happening in each person following the modern diet. Teeth are sometimes the first bones to be destroyed by loss of calcium and the rest of the body is sure to follow. Many times nutritional deficiency is generational. The parents following a degenerative diet may not be as affected by the diet as their children. The deficiencies are passed down from father and mother to the child.5 Dr. Price also believed that a majority of physical deformities where a result of nutritional deficiency. “The serious expressions of physical deformities which we found had occurred in several primitive racial stocks, after they have become modernized sufficiently to be using the foods of our modern civilization.” 6 In the case of the Eskimos, when Eskimos suffer from conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and other problems with their western diet, they find healing by returning to their primitive diet. They “invariably experience a complete cure when they returned to their native diet containing large amounts of raw meat and fish.” 7 Eskimos who where once sick with heart disease, where cured by returning to their primitive fair.

The Food

Much of our modern food consist of empty calories, which fulfill merely our energy requirements, but do not fulfill our nutrient requirements for body building substances. Much of this food, devoid of almost any life energy and nutrients, or depletes and poisons our bodies producing toxemia.

People are generally very defensive out their dietary habits. A standard person will be hesitant to remove these dangerous food substances from his diet because it masks underlying feelings of depression and fatigue. “He is not aware that nearly all bad food habits are stimulation habits: that is, the body has almost automatically found out what makes it feel better for a half hour or so and what will mask the depression and fatigue symptoms momentarily.” 8 This is one way a karmic disturbance will play out in disease. This also applies not only to sugar, but any type of food consumed in excess. When processed improperly, the chemical structure of the foods described below become distorted in a manner that is not aligned with the digestive needs of the physical body. Large corporations desiring to increase their profit have distorted foods to suit their profit needs, not to suit the needs of the delicate structures within the body. When the body comes into contact with food that has been processed contrary to Nature’s law of balance, it is the job of the digestive system, and the liver to remove the impurities. If the liver is abused daily by the onslaught of inharmonious food and drink substances then the liver will eventually break down. When the liver breaks down, then the body relies on the kidney’s and adrenal gland’s to eliminate toxins.9 When the kidney is overused, it may not function fully. Since it is important to have the blood constantly cleansed, the person’s blood pressure is increased to have the same level of blood purification as before. Many doctor’s prescribe drugs for high blood pressure, this is a crime against those who are suffering, as in many cases it masks the symptoms by lowering blood pressure, therefore thwarting nature’s intelligent attempt to keep the persons body free of toxins. Also it increases in most cases the original cause of high blood pressure, toxins in the body. The findings below describing the swelling’s in the glandular system caused by sugar intake are the result of the bodies attempt to remove toxins from sugar from the body.

To begin to heal yourself through nutrition, consider the foods to avoid below, and also the 7+ Habits of Highly Nutritious Indeginous People's for dietary ideas.



The following food research has been excerpted from Nourishing Tradition’s. The book is written by two food researchers, they have hundreds of references, and there are also hundreds of recipes adhering to nature’s laws. I strongly advise this book for everyone.

White Sugar, evaporated Cane Juice, Corn Syrup, and Organic Cane Sugar – White Sugar has had main constituents are removed to increase shelf life. As early as 1933 research showed that increased consumption of sugar caused an increase in various disease conditions in school children. Sugar, especially fructose, has been shown to shorten life in numerous animal experiments. In the 1950’s British researcher Yudkin published persuasive findings that excessive use of sugar was associated with the following conditions: release of free fatty acids in the aorta, increase in blood insulin levels, increase in blood corticosteroid levels, increase in gastric acidity, shrinkage of the pancreas and enlargement of the liver and adrenal glands. Numerous subsequent studies have positively correlated sugar consumption with heart disease… A survey of medical journals in the 1970s produced findings implicating sugar as a causative factor in kidney disease, liver disease, shortened life span, increased desire for coffee and tobacco, arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. 10 Finally sugar consumption was proved by Dr. Melvin Page to leech calcium out of our bones. 11 This is how sugar contributes to tooth decay, it has little to do with sugar resting on the surface of the tooth.

I believe that the denatured sugar which we eat, adheres to the law of balance. After having been sucked dry of all it’s life force, it enters the body and attempts to create it’s own homeostasis. The body, consisting of more life force than sugar, transfer’s it’s nutrients to the sugar, to bring it back into balance.

White Flour - White flour has had it’s vitamin and mineral content removed do to it’s high level of rancidity. Freshly ground flour seldom stays good for more than two weeks even when it is refrigerated. To solve this problem, food manufacturer’s remove the vitamins and minerals from the flour. This was done with the selfish motive of profit for the food company, not in harmony with nature’s law of balance. “[I]n the production of refined white flour approximately eighty percent or four-fifths of the phosphorous and calcium content are usually removed, together with the vitamins and minerals provided in the embryo or germ. The evidence indicates that a very important factor in the lowering of the reproductive efficiency of womanhood is directly related to the removal of vitamin E in the processing of wheat.” 12 Because the vitamins in the flour create a synergistic effect on the body, there’s little chance that any of the phosphorous in the devitalized flour is absorbable.

Low cost Vegetable Oils and Hydrogenated Oil – It is important to understand that, of all substances ingested by the body, it is polyunsaturated oils that are rendered most dangerous by food processing, especially unstable omega-3 linolenic acid. In large factories seeds are heated to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The oil is then squeezed out at pressures from 10 to 20 tons per inch. In order to extract oil from the final pulp, chemicals are added such as hexane. The solvent is boiled but up to 100 part per million remain in the oil. The solvent is toxic, and it also bonds to toxic pesticides in the seeds. The high temperature processing causes the weak carbon bonds of the unsaturated fatty acids to break apart, thereby creating dangerous free radicals. The normal antioxidants to clean up the free radicals have been destroyed by the high temperature processing. And finally BHT and BHA, both suspected of causing cancer and brain damage are added to the oils to replace the lost natural preservatives which where destroyed by the heat processing. 13Any cheap oil, such as soy, corn, cottonseed, canola, ect. falls under this category. Do you still want to eat this oil? Most food in restaurants are cooked with these dangerous oils.

Partially hydrogenated margarines and shortening are even worse for you than the highly refined vegetable oils from which they are made because of chemical changes that occur during the hydrogenation process. Man made trans fats are toxins to the body, but unfortunately your digestive system does not recognize them as such. Instead of eliminating them, your body incorporates the trans fats into the cell membranes as though they where naturally occurring fats called cis fats. Your cell actually become partially hydrogenated. This interferes with cellular metabolism because it changes the normal chemical reactions which take place in the cell. 14

Iodized Salt – Normal table salt is highly refined. Salt is the product of a chemical and high temperature industrial process that removes all the valuable magnesium salts as well as trace minerals naturally occurring in the sea. To keep salt dry, salt refiners adulterate this “pure” product with several harmful additives, including aluminum compounds. Far different than natural sea salt, refined salt can lead to sodium starvation as well as an over stimulation of the glandular system contributing to a host of degenerative diseases. 15

Pasteurized Milk – The milk sold in the supermarket is bad for everybody. The modern milk cow is a mutant cow which produces three to four times as much milk as a standard cow. This mutant cow has been selectively bred from cows who have active pituitary glands, and is then fed an excessively high protein diet. These overactive pituitary glands produce growth hormones, which are present in today’s milk supply. Excessive pituitary hormones are also associated with tumor formation, and some studies link milk consumption with cancer. The freak pituitary cow is prone to many diseases. She almost always secretes pus into her milk and needs frequent doses of antibiotics. The high protein feed these cows eat is made from soy beans. This is not the cows natural diet, and there is no scientific information as to the quality of the protein in the soy fed milk. Pasteurizing milk is no guarantee of cleanliness. There was a salmonella outbreak in 1985 in Illinois affecting 14,000 people. Pasteurization destroys the helpful organisms found in raw milk, leaving the finished product devoid of any protective mechanism should undesirable bacteria inadvertently contaminate the supply. Heat alters the milk’s amino acids, it promotes rancidity of unsaturated fatty acids and destruction of vitamins. Vitamin C loss exceeds 50%, and other vitamin loss runs as high as 80%. Vitamin B-12 is totally destroyed. Milk comes with enzymes which help the body digest the milk. Pasteurization kills all of these enzymes. After pasteurization synthetic vitamin D-2 may be added which has been linked to heart disease. Because milk is devoid of its enzyme content, it puts an enormous strain on the body’s digestive mechanism. In the elderly, and those with milk intolerance or weak digestion, the milk passes through not fully digested and can build up around the tiny villi of the small intestine preventing the absorption of the vital nutrients and promoting the uptake of toxic substances.16

Soy Milk, Soy Meat, Soy Protein and Tofu – Soy protein powder is high in mineral-blocking phytates, thyroid depressing phytoestrogens and potent enzyme inhibitors that depress growth and cause cancer. Phytates are substances that block the absorption of minerals in the body. Soybeans are high in phytates and contain potent enzyme inhibitors that are only deactivated by fermentation and not by ordinary cooking. These inhibitors can lead to protein assimilation problems in those who consume unfermented soy products frequently. Soy milk often substituted for cow’s milk, also has a high phytate content and can lead to mineral deficiencies. Phytoestrogens found in soy foods, although touted as panaceas for heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis, are potent endocrine disrupters as well as goitrogens – substances that depress thyroid function. 17

Unsoaked Grains and Nuts , including Breakfast Cereal, Granola, Peanut Butter, Bread, and Pasta, Cracker’s, Cookies, and many Health Food Bars – Phosphorus in the bran of whole grains is tied up in a substance called phytic acid. Phytic acid combines with iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc in the intestinal tract, blocking their absorption. Whole grains also contain enzyme inhibitors that can interfere with digestion. Whole grains that have been processed by high heat and pressure to produce puffed wheat, oats, and rice are actually quite toxic and have caused rapid death in test animals. Breakfast cereals can have more adverse effects on blood sugar then refined sugar and white flour because they have been processed at high temperatures and pressures to make their shapes. This process leaves phytic acid intact but destroys phytase, an enzyme that breaks down some of the phytic acid in the digestive tract. Most grains and legumes available in supermarkets have been treated numerous times with pesticides and other sprays that inhibit mold and vermin. 18 I used to eat organic breakfast cereal, sometimes made with puffed wheat. These grain cereals did not have pesticides and other harmful chemical additives, as they where organic. However, being organic just meant that my toxic puffed oats where free of other possibly dangerous substances. Good thing I used organic! J

Non-Pasture Fed Meat & Eggs – The meat, milk, and eggs in our supermarkets are highly contaminated and vastly inferior in nutritional quality to those available to our ancestors just a few decades ago. Modern cattle-raising techniques include the use of steroids to make meat more tender and antibiotics that allow cattle to survive in crowded feedlots. Diseased animals routinely pass inspection and find their way into the food supply. Chicken are raised in crowded pens, often under artificial light both night and day and fed on substandard food. Their eggs are inferior in nutritional qualities to those of free-range, properly nourished hens. According to renowned cancer specialist Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, most chicken and nearly half the beef consumed in America today is cancerous and pathogenic. Her research has convinced her that these cancers are transmissible to man. 19 Also keep in mind that when these products containing hormones are eaten, they will likely wind up being in the extra cellular fluid. There is no biological function that guarantees that our body can easily remove man made chemicals and drugs from our food.

Coffee, Soda’s and Alcohol - Many of these substances put an undue strain on the liver. Phosphoric acid is what gives soda’s their kick. “Phosphoric acid blocks the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the intestines… thus contributes to impairment of the immune system… Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands to release an adrenaline-like substance, which in turn causes the liver to release sugar into the blood.” 20 Our body cannot tolerate that when it happens often. Wine and unpasteurized beer seem to be okay if used in moderation. In excess it can overtaxing to the liver. Regular beer should be strictly avoided.


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