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When nature created humans and babies, it did not have the automobile in mind. Children desire and are wired to be held by their mothers. Naturally then, many children, not all of them, have a low tolerance for car seats. We tried our best to encourage our child to be in her car seat, and as soon as she felt uncomfortable, we pulled over and stopped the car and took her out of the seat. Many times she did not want to be strapped down because she wanted to breastfeed in her mother’s arms. Buses, subways or anything that does not require seatbelts, so that the mother can hold the child, allow the mother-child bond to remain strong. A thought would often come into my mind, are we doing something wrong, and by not forcing our child to be in the seat, where we avoiding strong parental boundaries. But I always remembered, cars are not designed for babies, my daughter’s dislike for a car seat is not because there was a lesson for her to learn about life, it was because the system itself of car seats is unwise because it cannot meet the needs of many children.

Michelle has been able to breastfeed, with her seatbelt on, by leaning over our daughter’s car seat. Your child may react better than ours, but know the nature of your child. Do not make him/her do more than he can tolerate. Some children are calm and will be happy in a car seat. In other children, it will create unbearable suffering, it depends how wild or calm your baby is. Modern society makes little room for children. Hopefully in the future, there will be more mother-child friendly transportation. Perhaps someone will design a mother/child seatbelt system that is safe. Since that has yet to happen, we decided to not drive anywhere to often. Only twice a year do we travel more than 20 minutes away by car. We also live near the beach, so entertainment is playing on the beach. Gradually are daughter has built up a tolerance for the car seat, and we because we never forced her into it, and she really enjoys it when she is in it.

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