Breastfeeding is an opportunity to bond with your child and feel pleasurable contact with them. Many infants, if their natural needs are responded to, want to eat as often as every fifteen minutes. Allow the feeding to continue for as long as the child wants, some good feeding’s go on for over an hour, and the child receive the hind-milk breastmilk which is fatty and nourishing to the baby. Breastfeed for as long as child wants to breastfeed which is approximately 2 to 4.5 years in age.

“It must be emphasized, however, that the quality of the mother’s milk depends greatly on her diet. Sufficient animal products will ensure proper amounts of vitamin B-12, A and D as well as all-important minerals like zinc in her milk. Lactating women should continue with a diet that emphasizes liver, eggs and cod liver oil.”

Source: Nourishing Traditions, page 599

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Drink plenty of water, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding!

Michelle: My intuition is to surrender to focusing on my daughter and filling her up with my energy. And focusing on my breath, and feeling the love, and letting it flow into her. Then I felt really peaceful, and really happy and good. I had a sense of this is what is right.

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